Cinecast Episode 297 – Eat Her Cookies

We’re more or less back to our regularly scheduled programming this week, though it’s with great and powerful pleasure we bring you two main stream, theatrical reviews. While the boys parse through Sam Raimi’s prequel of The Wizard of Oz they reminisce a bit on the theatrics and minutiae of 1939 film making and the original version. Andrew slowly begins to realize that the second movie reviewed this week, Dead Man Down is actually even dumberer than he first realized as Kurt dishes ammunition whilst ironically trying to defend the film. It’s quite the entertaining downward spiral of a conundrum. We’ll be back later in the week with our Watch List and possibly some listener feedback.

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Opening:     :00
Intro / In-house business:     00:39
Oz: The Great and Powerful (SPOILERS!):     3:29
Dead Man Down (SPOILERS!):     28:05
Next shows:     1:05:55
Outro music:     1:10:08 – 1:13:21


Terrence Howard
Red Tails

“Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”
Elton John




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  1. To download the video (.mp4) for this episode, copy and paste the following link into your favorite reader or right click and choose “save as…”
    (203 MB)

  2. Apologies for the first 25 minutes or so in which the camera is solely on Kurt Commander Crowe. My mistake.

  3. Ricky Gervais?

  4. Rick Vance

    That Dead Man Down poster has been bugging me for a while and it finally clicked, it is missing a word.

  5. At the very least OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL is better than FRANCOPHRENIA (apologies to Kurt for reminding him of that “film”)

  6. Also, I just listened to the review if the film on Film Junk and, while they are much more mixed on the film, there was an interesting comment saying that OZ is essentially a remake of ARMY OF DARKNESS.

    I didn’t think that while watching it, but it does totally make sense.

  7. The new guy on Film Junk does a good job of explaining my same thoughts on Franco. For some reason I like the guy, but he’s not very good in much and he’s pretty bad in Oz.

  8. Man, I really wish I could have joined in the discussion on Dead Man Down — though you covered pretty much everything I touched on in my review — even the “Daddy scares the monsters away” crap and Minority Report connections. Though here’s one more little piece of ammo: The mother’s hearing — Noomi mentions that her mother’s practically deaf, and then five seconds after that someone whispers and she hears it — and then later she has a conversation with Farrell on the phone.

    As for the sniper sequence, I share the confusion — my guess was that he was intending to kill someone else and it was the director playing a trick on the audience, which he does often.

  9. Sort of funny how EVERY podcast about OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL I’ve listened to so far has used “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” at one point.

  10. Tony D'Amico

    Hey Kurt, I don’t think you were paying full attention, Farrell wasn’t eating cookies with a fork and knife. Rapace brought over a dish of chicken or something, remember when she asked if it was too salty later on. And when Farrell goes to the warehouse after getting a text, he shows up and tells Howard, “I brought your dinner”, as in he told him to bring it.

    I just thought if your going to defend shit movies with comments like “I just thought it was so endearing”…referring to eating cookies with a fork, they should be valid statements. Just some constructive criticism, loved the show otherwise

    • Sorry, Kurt is right. Those were cookies he was eating. When she asked about them being too salty, she was referring specifically to the cookies.

    • But I totally agree with your “shit movie” comment. This movie gets worse and worse upon further examination and rumination.

  11. Tony D'Amico

    I guess I’ll have to take your word for it until it’s on cable or netflix in a few months since I’m not paying to see this garbage again, but I could have sworn it wasn’t cookies, and why would cookies be too salty?

  12. I’m with Tony. Still not convinced it was cookies.

    Yes, I realize we’ve already had this discussion.

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