Video Review: Dead Man Down

Andrew called this out earlier, praising the directorial excess and the nice cast (Noomi Raapace, Colin Farrell, Isabelle Huppert, Terrence Howard) as one of the hidden gems to look for in this dour spring moviegoing season, but he was only going by the trailer. Now, Mamo!’s Matt Price has seen the film, and video reviews Niels Arden Oplev’s stylish action thriller, Dead Man Down; heaping it with praise in, exactly that, good direction. And as a part of The Substream‘s Watch This Instead (WTI) format he goes on recommends an even more stylish action thriller to accompany it. We’re on the same page today, Mr. Price.


  1. Yes! So great to hear. Especially with the Rotten Tomatoes score hovering around 45% – means some experimentation and risks taking place.

    But wait… Irreversible? Ugh.

  2. While I didn’t LOVE Dead Man Down, I reminded me a heckofalot of Luc Besson’s THE PROFESSIONAL, which made me smile.

    The big question in the film is why does Farrell’s character eat his cookies with a fork and knife. Considering all the innuendo the film has with those ‘cookies’ and Isabelle Huppert’s dialogue, I could never parse the metaphor.

    Also, cool Armand Assante cameo.

  3. I wasn’t looking forward to this but my husband drag me to it. I thought it was decent enough but like Matt said the direction was the best part of the film. Other than that not very memorable.

  4. JapeMan

    Honestly I feel Spring isn’t too dour at all. Lots of good limited release stuff out there (Stoker, Sprink Breakers, Molly’s Theory of Relativity)

    Sure, they are all limited release (though Stoker goes wider next week and Spring Breakers goes wide a week later) but it’s better than the crap we got in January and February. That was a real movie wasteland.

    • Yea, I supposed I measure ‘dourness’ based on how much content that both Andrew & I are enthusiastic to talk about on a show. Parker? Identity Thief? DieHard5? Snitch? Jack the Giant Slayer? Ugh.

      Yea, we had Stoker (albeit what a weird release pattern) and Side Effects and now Dead Man Down….but that’s pretty thin pickins.

      Excited for Spring Breakers, Trance, Upstream Colour and The Place Beyond the Pines (the latter of which I’ve seen and is solid if not earth shattering)

      And it’s all the way until May until THE GREAT GATSBY.

  5. I’m with the consensus- the script isn’t so great but the direction and action are very good. I though Farrell was more than good. He has great intensity here.

    Kurt – I don’t think he’s eating cookies with fork and knife. She gave him a second container of food. Pretty sure it was fish or chicken.

    • I think those were the cookies.

    • I disagree that the whole script isn’t great – the dialogue isn’t great. The dialogue is not the script. The script has a great sense of burying the exposition and not overplaying its hand.

      • The scene with Armand Assante is MAGNIFICENT, btw.

      • 30 minutes could’ve been cut from this movie if you removed all the scenes of Farrell and Rapace staring blankly at each other just about to say something.

        The scene after the first date in the truck is ludicrous. Their “relationship” was forced, annoying and eye-rolling.

        • In a way, that is the movie…if you don’t buy that, then I can see why you didn’t like the film. I quite liked the Raapace/Farrell dynamic in the film.

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