Criterion Collection Flash Sale (50% off everything)

For the next twenty-four hours at, all in-stock Blu-rays and DVDs will be 50% off the suggested retail price (SRP). Just enter the promotional code FLASHY on your shopping cart page to apply the discount.

If you need some help deciding what to buy, they’ve created a real-time dashboard where you can see top sellers and what’s running low, plus categories like Oscar winners, horror, sci-fi, comedies, romances, and westerns. And we’ll be adding new themes hourly.
The code expires at noon EST tomorrow, so don’t delay!


  1. Stocked up from the rest of the winter:

    Bergman tirlogy boxset
    Gold Rush
    On the Waterfront

  2. Two-Lane Blacktop
    Wages of Fear

    Boom! Eat it, Andrew!

  3. Summer Hours, Yi Yi, and Last Year at Marienbad.

  4. ultimolee

    I hate living in england :(

    Come on B&N have a sale

  5. Rick Vance

    I got:

    La Jetee / Sans Soleil
    Three Outlaw Samurai

  6. I got FOLLOWING in the sale.

  7. I got nothing, because even at 50% off they are still too expensive.

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