1. Sean Kelly says:

    Call me crazy, but even though I participated in the episode, I still plan on listening to it. :P

  2. rot says:

    wait I have not listened to this episode but either there has been some serious editorializing going on in the synopsis or Kurt does an about-face on Margaret in the presence of Gamble, because on Facebook it was mostly praise.

  3. Sean Kelly says:

    Small correction from the shownotes – The GuysNation roundtable was an article and not a podcast.

  4. Sean Kelly says:

    Also, it’s a shame there’s no video version of this week’s episode, since could you have have seen me and Kurt’s silent reactions to Andrew and Matt’s Anne Hathaway argument.

  5. Goon says:

    Is Kurt suggesting that the comics that were supporting Seth MacFarlane were being ironic?

    If so, that’s a load of horseshit.

    • Matt Gamble says:

      No, I think he meant that they liked the idea of taking the wind out of Hollywood’s sail, but I don’t think Seth was aiming for that either.

  6. Sean Kelly says:

    I have to apologize for the difficulty I was having while talking about TOWER during the watchlist (it was personally a bit embarrassing for me to listen to)

    It was quite ironic that my Asperger’s would affect me the most, while I was talking about a film that I interpreted to be about Asperger’s.

    BTW, here’s the trailer:

  7. antho42 says:

    Someone should Photoshop this:

    Just replace the text and change Pacino for Andrew or Gamble.

  8. JapeMan says:

    Lucky Sean Kelly! It’s my lifelong dream to be a guest on the Cinecast (actually it’s my lifelong dream to replace Gamble as a permanent co-host but I digress)

    Btw hint hint I just got Google+ hint hint


    • Sean Kelly says:

      I’ve been curious about giving podcasting a try and I have been asking Andrew to go on the show for a while now.

      I did toy around with doing my own podcast. However, as you can hear on this episode, my verbal communication skills are not the greatest and it would be hard to record a show of decent length on my own (it’s hard enough to do the 1 minute long video blogs I post every week).

      That said, I don’t think this episode of the Cinecast will be my final podcast appearance and I might even get better with practice.

  9. Kurt Halfyard says:

    Anyone notice a complete lack of 007, Daniel Craig at the year in which Oscar was honoring 50 years of Bond? No Judi Dench either…

  10. Sean Kelly says:

    Here’s the information about Tower’s US premiere, which is happening in a few weeks at the “New Directors, New Films” festival run by MOMA


  11. Sean Kelly says:

    It’s now confirmed that I will be seeing BOTH JACK THE GIANT SLAYER and STOKER in the coming week.

  12. Goon says:

    Has anyone been paying attention to the patent troll case out there targeting podcasters?


    • Matt Gamble says:

      Word is that the podcaster’s mentioned in those suits as well as a few other big names will be making a joint “statement” today about it. Maron certainly hinted at it on the Mike White episode.

  13. rot says:

    OK Kurt did defend Margaret admirably considering the tidal wave of bile coming from Gamble. Regarding it being about a whiny rich white girl, it is, but so what, it certainly doesn’t portray her in a favorable light. If anything it is commenting on this myopia of first world problems, of the relativity of suffering, and the unexpected ricochet of our actions, both unconscious and self-righteous in a world that is far more complex than our self-imposed narratives could ever grasp. It takes the omni-view of it all, shows the chaos, the loose ends, the meandering, the chaos, and nestles the story of Lisa Cohen in the middle of it to give context. It is actually quite profound, even if I will admit there are parts of it I do not particularly work for me.

    The extended edition helps elucidate the story, but having seen it now, I prefer the theatrical cut as something to watch over, and over, and over, and over.

    I look forward to future anti-recommendations from you Gamble, yours is an opinion I can always count on being wrong.

  14. Been catching up with the last few Cinecasts and really enjoying ‘em, including this one. Well done on your guest appearance, Sean.

    I enjoyed it when I first saw it, but my thoughts on Abrams’ Star Trek have been steadily souring ever since, and I dread to see where he’s going to take the franchise with his action-y, brooding sequel.

    And I believe Kurt is right when he says Philip Seymour Hoffman gave the best musical performance of last year.

  15. Gerry says:

    Finally got to watch the Oscars telecast and though I’m only twenty minutes in I think MacFarlane is excellent so far.

    I don’t get all the Cinecast hate for him.

    • Andrew James says:

      Right? It’s baffling. I can see not liking the humor or whatever, but the hate is just dumb. I think some people coughKURTcough just like to go into the Oscars wanting to get angry and have fun with host bashing. I watch to have a good time and I usually do.

  16. Sean Kelly says:

    My cousin listened to the show and wished that I gave him on-air credit for buying me THE GODFATHER on blu-ray for Christmas.

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