RowThree Oscar Pool Winners

Thanks to everyone who played our annual Oscar Pool this year. Mixing it up a bit this year with some “funkier” question was a little bit more fun and some of those responses did make or break the line between winning and losing – especially the “second chance” question.

A complete breakdown of all the responses are below. Before the winners are contacted, feel free (in fact, PLEASE DO!) review your answers and make sure my math is correct! You’ll have three full days to look over the responses and look for any discrepancies. If you find something amiss, leave a comment in the appropriate section below or feel free to shoot me an email. Thursday night will be the deadline for corrections. After that, winners will be official and will be contacted to receive their prizes.

Thanks again to Corey and CriticalMassCast for sponsoring this contest and providing the DVD prizes!

A few interesting statistics:
– We had 42 total responses
– 88% of respondents answered ARGO for Best Picture (five people did not and all five picked something different).
– For the “how many Tweets” question, the range of [serious] answers was from 12,000 to 25 million (answer was 8.9 million)
– Five-way tie for the closest correct answer to the Tweet question at 5,000,000
– 17 people took correct advantage of the “second chance” question and received the extra 5 points
– No need for the tie breaker question, but the closest answer to the correct one (215 min.) was 211 minutes
– Biggest surprise (collectively) was Best Director. 65% incorrectly picked Spielberg. 21% correctly picked Lee
– 93% of respondents correctly picked Day-Lewis to win best actor
– 91% of respondents correctly picked Hathaway to win best supporting actress
– 95% of respondents correctly picked Amour for best foreign language film
– 93% of respondents correctly picked Adelle for best song with “Skyfall”

and now on to the winners…

Once again, take a moment to REVIEW YOUR ANSWERS and check my math on your point totals!

Colin George = 56
Ismael GUEYE = 55
Nathan Austin = 54
Seth Richtsmeier = 50
Antho42 = 49
Jane Dixon = 49
Greg Hernandez = 49
Gregory Kent = 49
Movie Revolt = 49
Samuli Launonen = 48
Tony Piantedosi = 48
Benji S = 47
Crispin Lockwood = 46
Geraldine = 46
Andrew Robinson = 42
Henry Bisharat = 39
Raymond Loi = 39
Brian Bedard = 38
Jakub Flasz = 38
Neil Edgington = 37
Kenneth Hann = 37
Alex Palmer = 36
Robert Reineke = 36
Robert Sharkey = 36
Matthew Fabb = 35
Nicole Bontoft = 35
Sean Kelly = 35
Markus Krenn = 35
Pedro Tavares = 34
Benji = 34
Kirk Haviland = 33
Courtney Small = 33
Darryl Charkowy = 32
Rot = 30
Nick = 29
Japeman = 28
Nephtalie = 27
Andrew Walters = 26

Corey Pierce = 53
David Brook = 43
Andrew James = 39
Matt Brown = 34

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Honestly, I did better predicting during the show.

Markus Krenn

35 Points? I can live with that, it being my first time.
But next year you better watch out 😉

Sean Kelly

I’m currently in a bit of a slump after getting a very good score with my predictions two years ago when THE KING’S SPEECH won (got 19/24 that year).

Next year is the tenth anniversary of my best Oscar score ever (21), so here’s hoping for good things.