Mamo #295: Oscar Mystery

We cable-knit the nine Oscar night mini-Mamo episodes into a sweater of showness. Jennifer Lawrence! Daniel Day-Lewis! Anne Hathaway’s nipples! They’re all here, except for the nipples.

To download this episode, use this URL:


  1. There’s apparently been 4 Oscar ties, including some while Matthew Price been watching, but in small enough categories for people not to notice (or are these awards given out outside of the official ceremony? ):
    1949 – Best Documentary Short
    1969 – Best Actress Award (Barbra Streisand and Katharine Hepburn)
    1986 – Best Documentary
    1995 – Live Action Short

  2. This is only the third year without the Barbara Walters Special. It was was always something I looked forward to watching.

    Even if she was getting too old to do it every year (hard to believe she’s in her 80s), would it be too much to ask to get another journalist to interview the nominees every year?

    • Yeah I agree, I always liked those interviews. They were much more personal and interesting than the stock, crappy interviews everyone else gives. She always got at the heart of things and the interviewee always seemed to open up and have more fun with it as it was somewhat of an honor to be one of the interviewees in that particular tradition.

  3. The Bloor Cinema actually cut the feed after the presentation of Best Picture and I had to look up “The Losers” online.

  4. I got 13 of my predictions (one of which was part of the tie). I guess it was an OK total, considering how unpredictable the Awards were.

    My best ever total was 21 in 2004 (i.e. the year Return of the King swept)

  5. Surprised you guys like the Jaws music thing. I’m with you though. I too thought it was “cheeky.”

  6. “Kristin Stewart comes out with crazy hair, a sex bruise and a limp.”


  7. Dave Nandes

    17 for 24 (depending how you score the tie).

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