Row Three (Last Minute) OSCAR POOL!

Because of popular demand, we’ve put together a fun little Oscar Pool for you this year. We’re doing things a little bit differently this year. We’ve put together a point system based on various Oscar prediction sites, Vegas odds and a little of my own inklings of arbitrary.

Here’s how it works. Based on “difficulty”, each answer is worth anywhere from one to five points. Best picture is worth a whopping ten points because… well, it’s best picture and that’s the way I did it. No answer is required but there’s no penalty for getting it wrong (other than you don’t get the points), so you might as well guess. Person with the most points wins! You may re-submit your responses at any time (last set of responses will count as your official entry). Pool closes sometime Sunday afternoon; so get your picks in ASAP!

Prizes will be dished out to the first and second place winner. Thanks to Corey Pierce and CriticalMassCast for sponsoring this contest and providing the DVD prizes. All RowThree contributors are encouraged to participate for fun but are not eligible for the prize pack. For official rules, please call 1-800-figureitoutyourself.

Not every single official category is here but to make up for it I added some of my own categories. I hope you’ll approve. Let the games begin…

Andrew James
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