Mondays Suck Less in the Third Row

Check out these links:
ED-209 model from RoboCop 2 storms eBay
Projecting video onto a snow fall
Disney engineered the whole thing
This will kill a few minutes for you
What does 200 calories look like?
Interactive analysis of the work of Tolkien
The first bionic hand that can “feel”



Possibly the next legend comedian (clearly a fan of Steven Wright)



JG-L “reinforces” children’s televison



“85 Years of Oscars” poster (click image for large) | via





Live action, Wreck-It Ralph short



Boeing 707 does a “barrel roll”



Hobbit hole litter box



Doing Valentine’s day RIGHT!




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Sean Kelly

The people who designed that ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS poster clearly didn’t realize that the backwards piece sign is an obscene gesture in the UK.

Kurt Halfyard

This just further underscores that Poster design is inherently lazy (or far more likely, that the executives that pick the final version, pick the generic-same-as-everyone-else option and abandon the creative ones…)


Marathon Option: Wouldn’t the poster be better if all the characters were included on the poster?

This does speak to design by committee which produces terrible results 99.9% of the time.