1. Wow… a “exclusive scoop” when Harrison Ford had already said he was interested in returning to play Han Solo. This seems to be trying to make news out of what already seemed to be happening.

    Anyways, I don’t expect these older characters to have huge roles, but if this new trilogy takes places after the old one, it would be a shame not to give the older characters at least a small cameo.

  2. I guess it was back in November 2012, that it was reported that Harrison Ford was open to the idea of playing Han Solo again, but wanted to see a script first and know who the director was going to be. However, poking around I couldn’t find mention of an quote straight from Harrison Ford.

    Still, it’s the kind of rumor that any site can claim it’s heard just to get the link and ad venue from the extra traffic.

  3. Anyone who’s excited about this is basically asking for INDY 4 to happen all over again, and yet will probably still go on to bitch and whine later about how various parts of their childhood were sexually molested by uncaring filmmakers when they see the result.

    Y’know the best way to enjoy the awesomeness that is Han Solo? IN THE MOVIES HE WAS IN ALREADY. Fuckkkkkk.

    • Just because Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a terrible mess, doesn’t mean it had to be, or that the new Star Wars movies will be. There certainly is that risk, but personally things have already gone bad with the franchise with the prequels. Yes, it could mean some really bad Star Wars movies, but there already some really bad Star Wars movies that I already ignore. I remain optimistic and that with more movies in production that eventually they will hit on something of value and I will enjoy that one movie or movies and ignore the rest. I’m perfectly okay with taking the franchise in piece meal, since I’m already doing that with the current 6 movies.

        • I was actually really enjoying Indy 4 until the parts after the crystal skull reveal. The weird godly power the crystal skull had reminded me of the ark and the cup of Christ. Mankind playing with things well beyond their power and understanding.

          But then the movie devolved into cartoonish action. There is some unbelievable action in all the Indy movies, but Crystal Skull took it too far for me. I think the change from primarily practical to primarily cgi fx also hurt the films.


          I’m looking forward to Ford as Han in the new movies. I also hope to see Carrie and Mark. I think having Mark in the Obi-wan role would be cool.

          • What Voncaster said. In a Cinecast quite a long while ago, I revisited Indy 4 and realized that it’s actually not that bad. There is some terrible stuff in it but lots of it are pretty similar to Indy movies of old. Getting in a fridge and flying hundreds of yards isn’t that much more unbelievable then falling out of a plane in a rubber raft and then sliding down a mountain in said raft then going off the biggest cliff ever before white water rafting to a village with magic rocks that make animals and crops fertile and suddenly give color to clothing.

            Anyway, Indy 4 is not horrible. It’s not great, but it’s not horrible.

    • I feel like Morgan Freeman at the end of Shawshank Redemption. Go ahead and sign your forms and stamp your papers sonny. Because to tell you the truth… I don’t give a shit.

      I already said as much in the Han Solo/Boba Fett news story:


      and in Cinecast #291

      Whats done is done. Star Wars is already fucked so why not just throw as much Star Wars at us as possible and see what works? If it doesn’t, sure there will be people screaming about how this isn’t their Star Wars or whatever, but I’m SO over that. If it sucks I’ll just shrug my shoulders and say, “wow that’s too bad – it could’ve been good.” And if it’s good – say as good as Avengers was – then bonus.

      There have been ZERO good space battle type movies for 20 years outside of Serenity, might as well be Star Wars that brings it back (although looks like Oblivion might have some of this).

      As for Harrison Ford, who cares if it doesn’t work? Nothing he’s done has worked for 20 years either so if it’s old Han Solo, sure let’s give it a whirl. If it’s terrible then it’s just another movie following the trend of shitty Harrison Ford movies.

      At this point, more Star Wars is good Star Wars. And if it’s bad, oh fucking well.


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