New Trailer for Oblivion – Where’s WALL-E?

We’ve already seen a poster and then a first trailer for Oblivion, the upcoming big-budget sci-fi flick starring Tom Cruise. Now a new trailer has appeared and it’s bringing us more of the same vibe – a little bit WALL-E, a little Minority Report, a hint of War of the Worlds, a nod to Alien 3 and Pitch Black, some dashes of the video games Portal and Half-Life – a little bit of everything sci-fi really. It looks shiny and fun though it could provide for one of those hollow sci-fi experiences that’s all snap, crackle and pop but with nothing to make it last long in the memory. Hopefully that’s not the case.

The film is directed by Joseph Kosinski, whose previous and debut film was TRON: Legacy (which I actually really enjoyed), and has quite an impressive supporting cast including Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace, Seven Psychopaths), Andrea Riseborough (Shadow Dancer), Melissa Leo and Morgan Freeman looking as cool as ever. I’m filing this one under “cautiously optimistic.”

Are you liking the look of Oblivion?

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Kurt Halfyard

I can live with this. THe film it reminds me most of (outside of Prometheus with it’s Icelandic Setting and Inception with its ‘Big Wide Shots’ is actually the Hughes Brothers’ “BOOK OF ELI”