Return of the Moon Walker!

That’s right, the king of pop is back!… from the dead.

Michael Jackson’s hand has been stolen from his crypt in LA!! The culprits: two love-struck leather dwarves, acting on the orders of Dr. Cagliostro, a time-traveling sorcerer posing as the manager of a “punk circus” in Berlin. The mysterious mystic’s mad plan: use the risen Michael to rouse the masses and ignite a global revolution! Realizing something strange is afoot, two lesbian ghost hunter girls and three horny college dudes team up to infiltrate Cagliostro’s circus. Things come to a head when the rapidly decaying Jacko-Zombie Messiah takes over the circus and starts his own “Rainbow Revolution” one that quickly descends into chaos.

I have a couple of friends who were/are pretty die hard MJ fans and I think if I showed them this trailer they’d be legitimately offended and pissed off. Personally, I think it’s mildly amusing fun but don’t expect this in your local multi-plex any time soon. More likely a small festival run and then it’ll be hitting VOD for everyone in March.

Is it going to be “good?” No, probably not, but the trailer is most certainly worth taking a look at. Wait for it…

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lol wut?