Jackie Robinson Biopic [new poster]

Yeah yeah, yet another standard biopic with “courage, inspiration and heart.” An important story to be remembered and honored to be sure, but likely to be full of standard, Hollywood schlock. Still it’s got a few things I’m looking forward to: Alan Tudyk, Harrison Ford and baseball.

Harrison Ford has yet to redeem himself of the last fifteen years or so, but with each subsequent release in which he stars, I always hold out hope. Maybe this will be his comeback performance? *coughseriouslycoughdoubtitcough*

And hey, I’d be lying if I weren’t somewhat intrigued by the prospect of a new face in Hollywood that might turn out to be the next big thing in new-comer actor, Chadwick Boseman, playing the titular character.

Anyway, the poster below is kind of cool and you can catch the trailer under the seats if you’re interested.

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Matthew Price

Geez, cynical much? I’m looking forward to the unabashed lump this movie should bring to my throat. If this story can’t inspire you, if this purely heroic life isn’t worthy of a straight ahead and emotional treatment then I guess nothing is.