Friday One Sheet: Rewind This Nostalgia

For those quite familiar with hand-drawn VHS sleeves, and many movie posters of the 1980s, this poster for Rewind This, a documentary on the impact of VHS technology, will be familiar, if somewhat misleading. At first glance I thought this film was a goofy genre film, a la The Exterminator or Terror Vision, but it’s actually a talking head piece with Atom Egoyan, Mamoru Oshii, Charles Band, Frank Henenlotter and Jason Eisener. There you go.

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David Brook

I love it. A talking head piece on the heady days of VHS still sounds cool to me. Have you actually seen it Kurt? Hopefully it’ll appear over here at some point.


[…] has happened in the past, I found out about this movie through its awesome poster. And lucky me, it played IFF Boston! Rewind This! traces the history and reception of VHS tapes, […]