Friday One Sheet: Rewind This Nostalgia

For those quite familiar with hand-drawn VHS sleeves, and many movie posters of the 1980s, this poster for Rewind This, a documentary on the impact of VHS technology, will be familiar, if somewhat misleading. At first glance I thought this film was a goofy genre film, a la The Exterminator or Terror Vision, but it’s actually a talking head piece with Atom Egoyan, Mamoru Oshii, Charles Band, Frank Henenlotter and Jason Eisener. There you go.

One comment

  1. I love it. A talking head piece on the heady days of VHS still sounds cool to me. Have you actually seen it Kurt? Hopefully it’ll appear over here at some point.


  1. Movie Review: Rewind This! (2013) | Alex Kittle - […] has happened in the past, I found out about this movie through its awesome poster. And lucky me, it …

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