Mamo #290: Star Abrams Wars Trek

All right, you wanna talk about J.J. Abrams and Star Wars? Here we go. Mamo looks at the career of the best middle manager in the business and speculates about what this all means for a galaxy far, far away.

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Sean Kelly
Markus Krenn

Better Result? That was ment ironical, wasn’t it?


I think you both made some good points regarding the next installment and Abrams as director. He’s a safe choice overall and, yes, likely wants to be a studio chief someday. There is no doubt Disney has learned from The Avengers (and John Carter, no doubt) and is going to take a similar approach with Star Wars. The sad part of all this is that the chances of a movie like the original Star Wars being made in the current studio system are close to zero. Every film with a decent budget these days has to be based on an existing property, something proven, and preferably something that has mass (ie international) appeal with endless merchandising opportunities. Makes business sense but not always the best films. Growing organically like the original Star Wars did is near impossible it seems.

What’s really interesting (and a bit worrisome as a fan of films) to me is when I hear directors like Soderbergh and Tarrantino say they may be (or already are) done with making movies but they’re interested in the possibilities opened up by television via HBO, AMC, Showtime, etc. Even new players (Netflix, Amazon, etc.) are almost solely focused on episodic features, not stand alone movies. Are the economics swiftly turning against movies (at least anything that falls outside of a franchise)? I’d love to hear you guys discuss that sometime. Or point me to the episode if you’ve already touched on that.

Kurt Halfyard

I for one would love to see Wes Anderson’s very meticulous star wars film. Yes, I know several people have already done parodies of this, and yes they are great.


I was kind of thinking about the safe bet idea. This is in no way an original thought, but it is interesting to think about Disney and Lucas and how they got to where they are.

Walt Disney, unless I’m mistaken, invented (or at least legitimized) the animated feature film with Snow White. It was a huge risk and paid off immensely.

Lucas, created an fx based sci-fi movie with a lived in world. We all know about everyone passing on Star Wars except Fox.

The empire of Disney and Lucasfilm were made on taking huge chances and trying new things.

That spirit seems to be all but lost within the move towards multi million dollar franchise film making.


Not to long ago I also watched the People Vs. George Lucas. It was a pretty terrible doc, but there were interesting interviews with Francis Ford Coppola.

He said whatever Star Wars the business is worth is not worth the loss of Lucas as filmmaker or artist.

Its easy to be snarky internet kid and say Lucas is not worth anything as an artist. But Star Wars doesn’t happen if young Lucas doesn’t take some tremendous chances and do something no else is.

It is pretty interesting to think about how these great empires came about and how far removed their current offerings are from their origins.

Matthew Fabb

Wow… world wide The Dark Knight Rises did actually make more money than The Dark Knight. I really didn’t expect that to happen.

Meanwhile, outside of the next Star Wars trilogy, I still hope to get another Empire Strikes Back like movie from the franchise. I figure with Star Wars movies being made every 2 to 3 years, that eventually the right ingredients will come together. Look at the Harry Potter movies where they tried to keep the tone going across all of them but still Prisoner of Azkaban sticks out from the bunch, with more of a unique look & feel to it.

Also while Joss Whedon is knee deep in Marvel, he said he was angry that he couldn’t take on Star Wars because as he mentioned he already has a job. Also after Avengers 2, unless he keeps going with Marvel, I imagine he will do more independent stuff. However, I really would love for later down the line for Whedon to take on a Star Wars movie. Perhaps far after the new trilogy is over so he can do his own thing. Not to do another Avengers kind of spectacle, but to do something along the lines of Firefly & Serenity in the Star Wars universe. Plus Whedon always really had to stretch the budget for Serenity and I would love to see him cut lose with a huge $150+ million or whatever Star Wars budgets are getting these days.

Matthew Fabb

And now Star Wars stand alone films that have been rumored about have been made official today (or yesterday since it’s now the 6th). They certainly sound interesting with at least 2 of them currently in the works, but the big question is when exactly do they plan to release them? I’m assuming that since no director has been attached that it might be released after Episode 7? Either way, looks like a very Marvel-like approach with the big movies being the episodes and then side-stand alone movies along the way.