Cinecast Episode 289 – Food, Friends and Sunshine… Tobago

We finally made some time while in country to check out the local Tabagonian Cinema life and found it quite similar to that stateside. Clean, friendly and Schwarzenegger in 35mm. This was a special show recorded on the fly while on vacation in Tobago – blunders, breaks and all. As promised, we review some of the local flavors for the first half of the show, then move on to the movie talk. We’ve also started a new feature with this episode: drink delivery, compliments of our better halves (or Halveyards in one case). See you all back on the mainland next week sometime.

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- Hellbound (IMDb)


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  1. Not something to listen to as a I salivate waiting for lunch.

    I am sold. I want to live the Malickian dream too.

  2. Sean Wilde

    you guys look like you could be brothers!

  3. Look at these gluttons!! Hope you both get gout! lol

    Btw, what kind of mic did you use? The sound quality is pretty clear and sharp for outdoors.

  4. Nice episode, now I’m hungry.

  5. Linda Halfyard

    A great Job ,Andrew and Kurt.

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