First clip of Jobs and Woz from biopic jOBS


I don’t know man. Looking the part and acting the part are two very different things and if this first clip from the upcoming jOBS is any indication, it looks like Ashton Kutcher might be a bust.

I wasn’t convinced that Kutcher had it in him to play the charismatic Jobs and this doesn’t help matters any. All I see is Kutcher, not an actor melting into a role. That said, the clip is very short and who knows, maybe Kutcher can pull it off.

The Joshua Michael Stern directed jOBS, a director best known for the mediocre political comedy Swing Vote, also stars Dermot Mulroney, James Woods, Amanda Crew and Josh Gad as the brainy Steve Wozniak. Wonder if the real Woz will have a cameo.

We’ll find out just how well Kutcher fares tomorrow, when the movie premieres at Sundance before it’s theatrical release on April 19th.

Marina Antunes
Fassbender for life.


    • Good point. Maybe it won’t go there at all with the exception of mentioning Gates and/or Microsoft in passing. Strange though because it seems impossible to tell either the Apple or Microsoft stories without talking about the other company.

      • Mixed reviews are coming in and it sounds like Bill Gates isn’t even in the movie. That there is a phone call that Steve Jobs makes to Bill Gates, all seen from the Steve Jobs side that according to the review feels very over the top and fake for anyone who has heard or read anything about their relationship.

        Quite a few from the tech press are slamming the movie, which gets me wondering if it is one of these movies that is far away enough from the truth that anyone who knows enough about Steve Jobs and various events in his life might be put off by the way this film comes across. Some of the more negative reviews point out to parts of the movie that feel like an Apple commercial.


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