First clip of Jobs and Woz from biopic jOBS


I don’t know man. Looking the part and acting the part are two very different things and if this first clip from the upcoming jOBS is any indication, it looks like Ashton Kutcher might be a bust.

I wasn’t convinced that Kutcher had it in him to play the charismatic Jobs and this doesn’t help matters any. All I see is Kutcher, not an actor melting into a role. That said, the clip is very short and who knows, maybe Kutcher can pull it off.

The Joshua Michael Stern directed jOBS, a director best known for the mediocre political comedy Swing Vote, also stars Dermot Mulroney, James Woods, Amanda Crew and Josh Gad as the brainy Steve Wozniak. Wonder if the real Woz will have a cameo.

We’ll find out just how well Kutcher fares tomorrow, when the movie premieres at Sundance before it’s theatrical release on April 19th.

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The headline picture looks like a bad Saturday Night Live sketch.

David Bushle

If this film comes close to the made for TV movie “Pirates of the Silicon Valley” with Noah Wyle as Jobs, I’ll be happy.

Sean Kelly

As a tech geek, I’m mildly worried this film will try to rewrite history and take Bill Gates out of the equation.


Oh Christ… that clip was dreadful.

Sean Kelly

The clip and its inaccuracies are discussed on the latest episode of the This Week in Tech podcast. Host Leo Laporte even went on record to say that he plans to boycott the film.

You can check out the episode at