The Very Important! Podcast – Episode Two: The Beard

The Very Important! Podcast returns! This time, our monthly canvas survey of one very important dude or dudette in film history looks at the career of one Mr. Steven Spielberg, whom you may have heard of. Join Matt, Matt, Mike, and special guest star Corey Atad as we try to unpack one of the most significant careers in Hollywood history.

Fancy special extra news: NOW AVAILABLE IN ITUNES!

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Unlike the Star Wars prequels, this is a vast improvement over Episode 1. The shows feels more organic and engaging, mainly due to the show finally keying the structure of the show. My only complain is that maybe it is bit too short, but perhaps that has more to do with me being used to the 3 hrs + podcast shows, including Cinecast and Filmjunk.

I am looking forward to future episodes.