Video Review: Gangster Squad

Everyone who has seen Gangster Squad is describing it as a very, very bad cartoon. Matthew Price over at The Substream gets very hot under the collar whilst calling out !Bullshit! on Ruben “Zombieland” Fleischer. A charlatan and a waster of cinema-goers time and money is the implication in his verbal rant where he goes on to recommend instead one of the finer films on the ‘inner life’ of thugs and career criminals, namely Mike Newell’s Donnie Brasco.


  1. Man. I’m really bummed about what I’ve been reading and hearing about this. What a waste of talent and a great concept, it seems, if true.

  2. Kurt Halfyard

    Add a fifth reviewer to compare this to a cartoon. Points for bringing up NIETZSCHE and COOL WORLD in the same review.

  3. FWIW, I wasn’t that upset. Kurt, you’ve never seen me very upset.

    My written review is here:

    • Kurt Halfyard

      Whoa! I thought you weren’t writin’ words anymore, only audio and video!

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