Mamo #287: Oscar Whut

The Oscar nominations are out and we nom nom nom our way through lunch while talking about what is and is not headed to the podium on February 24th. Remember: awards don’t mean anything. It’s Mamo.

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Sean Kelly

The Oscar Nominated shorts will be playing at the Bell Lightbox beginning Feb 1.

While the live action shorts can try your patience (with many being close to half an hour), the animated shorts are always enjoyable to watch (and they often include some honorary mentions to fill the time).

Andrew James

A theater in Minneapolis does this too. I went to the live action ones one year and I’ll never go again. You’ll find far better shorts on the festival circuit and quite frankly better shorts searching YouTube for about 5 minutes.

But yes, I’ve heard the animated ones are always great. If Paperman is anything to go by, they should all be fun.

Matthew Fabb

Have you seen the special effects reel where they recreate large parts of New York city based off a large number of photos they took, via an almost Google Maps-like device? Yes, a city is static and easier to do than characters, but that really blew me away in how much of the city was done via green screen and CGI, so that they could then destroy it (accurately).

Plus the incredible job they did on the Hulk, after previous less than stellar versions.

That said, I don’t know if it’s because I pay more attention to things Joss Whedon related, but the amount of behind the scenes footage that the Avengers effects team has since put out there is really incredible. A lot more content than every made it onto the DVD/blu-ray. I wonder if it was lack of time, with the quick turn around, or if Disney or the effects team didn’t care much about it for that, but that really want an Oscar now and will put in the time to make various reels now.

Matt Gamble

The third Matt? I’m fucking fourth?

Matthew Price

Hey man, fourth among equals.