Mamo #286: 2013 Unbound

The end of the world came and went, and the makers of films wisely decided to schedule stuff beyond the Mayan apocalypse just in case those crazy pre-civilization watchmakers were wrong. Mamo casts its eyes forward to the big releases of 2013 and does some guessing about where franchise filmmaking will go in the year to come.

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I vote for the 4 hour Oscar talk. If possible, maybe join forces with the Cinecast lads.

Matthew Fabb

I also vote for the live Oscar podcast. I rarely watch the Oscar show live, generally have it playing the background while I’m doing something or watch the highlights the next day. So I wouldn’t mind listening to your thoughts on the show rather than be tied down and watching the real thing.

Of course, I don’t have cable so unless there is some sort of streaming option, I won’t be watching it live anyways.

Sean Kelly

I watch the Oscars live (it’s my Superbowl), but I did enjoy participating in the webchat last year.

Robert Reineke

FWIW, I think Oz has the possibility of being very, very large. Especially since the property likely is known by everyone over 8. And all evidence is that Disney is really gearing up the marketing machine.

Matthew Price

Can’t shake the gut feeling that this is a project without an audience. Mostly I think it’s a mistake that the character designs don’t mesh at all with the previous film. This has little effect on worldwide, but I will be surprised if they beat 200 domestic.

Robert Reineke

I think we can all conclude that there was an audience to a reimagined Oz now.

Robert Reineke

I kind of think Oz is a project where the target audience isn’t the usual internet suspects. Maybe it’s not the next Alice in Wonderland, perhaps because it may actually be good, but I think it’s courting the same audience. And that may be an audience that’s largely quiet on the internet, but is a behemoth all the same.

There are few projects with true “four quadrant” appeal, or at least awareness, as a big budget Oz movie. Now, that may not have helped Return to Oz any, but casting modern, young stars has to help.

Matt Gamble

I’m with Robert that Oz seems like a movie that really could be a huge hit. I’m not sure there is anyone who doesn’t know the property, the trailer does some really nice call backs to the Judy Garland version and the one sheet is a very hard sell to the Wicked crowd.

I’m not sure what tracking is on it but that is one I’ll actually be interested to see how it is doing. Disney is certainly starting to give it a solid push, which, for them, generally means its a quality product.

Andrew James

“I’m not sure there is anyone who doesn’t know the property…”

His name is Sean Dwyer.

Dave Nandes


Rick Vance

I keep wondering if the DC character need full intros like the Marvel ones.

DC has cultivated their characters through other media much better than Marvel has and I can easily see a Justice League movie that shows what the characters do without having to tell it for an individual movie.

The best JLA comics are the ones that just throw em all together and let you sort it out as it moves, as was the TV show which if you just look at the intro.

Is simple, iconic and to the point.