Friday One Sheet: Bloody Macramé [Sightseers]

This German key art for Ben Wheatley’s delight-fully immoral comedy Sightseers is not only cute and wonderful, it’s also perfectly in line with the films crafty leading lady and her endless supply of kitschy knick-knacks. Sure it is reminiscent of a similar poster made for Fargo, but that doesn’t make it any less appropriate.

(Note before you correct me that this is knitting or crocheting or whathaveyou, let it be understood that I neither know the difference, nor care to, in a movie advertisement related post. That is all.

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David Brook

Love it!

David Brook

Ben Wheatley’s latest film, A Field in England, played on UK TV last night on the same day it opened in selected cinemas and got released on DVD/Blu-Ray.

I must say I was disappointed. It’s a boldly unique film, with little in the way of a plot, but plenty of trippy, surreal, nightmarish sequences. Unfortunately for me it all came across a bit ‘studenty’ and other than one lengthy mushroom trip sequence, the surrealism wasn’t quite visually striking enough to win me over. Some of the acting really lets it down too, with Reece Shearsmith in particular struggling to shake off his League of Gentlemen persona. There are moments that sucked me in, but generally this felt like more of an experimental side-project than a strong standalone film.