Mamo #285: 2012 Unchained

Happy new year! Mamo casts its eyes back on the year 2012, the year in which the Avengers assembled, the Dark Knight rose, and the words “Mayan apocalypse” turned out to be referring to Taylor Kitsch’s career. The Matts give a broad survey of what worked, what didn’t work, and what were (in our wide and varied opinions) the best films of the year.

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Matthew Price

My list, for those that need the text:


Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Le Tableau
Moonrise Kingdom
Beasts of the Southern Wild
Robot and Frank
Far Out Isn’t Far Enough
Frances Ha
Great Expectations
In the House
Cloud Atlas
Not Fade Away
Django Unchained


The Bay
Spring Breakers
The Dark Knight Rises
The Hobbit
The Hunger Games
The Avengers
Snow White and the Huntsman


At any price


Bourne legacy



No Wuxia, Matthew Price?


[…] Added: Mamo has Matthew Brown and Matthew Price’s Top 10′s […]


Biggest Breakout Stars of 2012:
Channing Tatum
Jennifer Lawrence
Gordon Levitt
Ben Whishaw
Matthew Mc.

Sam Agro

Didn’t have a positive reaction to ParaNorman, myself, though it was visually striking. I found it far too preachy, and that always kills the movie for me. I thought there was some better animation this year.

Matt will not be surprised to learn that, in spite of it’s stunning visuals, Dark Knight Rises left me very cold. It has some great sequences, but it may actually be my least favourite of the Nolan Batman trilogy.

Glad to see you both included the much-maligned Prometheus on your lists. I liked, myself.

Matthew Price

I think in ParaNorman’s case I found it just preachy enough, given the subject. I can see your point, though. On the pure animation aspect the only thing I found more striking was my other pick, Le Tableau.

Matthew Fabb

I just managed to catch ParaNorman on the New Year’s Eve and also wasn’t crazy about the way it ended. It was still a decent movie and absolutely amazing visually, but I was hoping for the story to be better. Perhaps, I had set my expectations too high after it getting so much praise?

I personally liked Frankenweenie a lot better, but I remain a fan of Tim Burton (despite avoiding Dark Shadows). Stylistically, Frankenweenie wasn’t anything new, but typical Tim Burton style, but I happen to like that style a lot.

Back to ParaNorman, with this movie and Coraline, the studio Laika has become quite the solid contender when to comes to stop-motion movies. I look forward to seeing what Laika does next (I think 2014 is when their next movie is set to come out).

Ky in Boston

Channing Tatum is 2012’s biggest winner.

I’m still waiting to see a couple of more films before I make my top ten list.

Matthew Fabb

My favorite movies of the year in no particular order:

Cloud Atlas
Cabin In The Woods
Shut Up And Play the Hits
Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope
Indie Game: The Movie
Cockneys Vs Zombies
The Hobbit
Much Ado About Nothing
The ABCs of Death

I don’t think I’ve ever put this many documentaries on my top movies before. All 3 docs hit a core nerve for me.

Never saw and have potential to make it onto my list as favorite movies from 2012:
Moonrise Kingdom
The Raid: Redemption
Chasing Ice
Robot & Frank
Django Unchained

Also on my list to see from both high to low art:
The Master
Iron Sky
Resident Evil: Retribution
Total Recall (I’m curious enough to at least want to see the first act before I pull the plug… also I hear despite the CGI, Toronto landmarks make a number of appearances)
Rec 3: Genesis
West of Memphis (I guess it has a wider release in January)

Biggest disappointment:
Dark Knight Rises
Probably not just 2012, but likely one of the biggest film disappointments for quite some time. I mean it’s up there with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and the Star Wars prequels, where I enjoy the earlier films so much but dislike the later film so very much. Christopher Nolan really “nuked the fridge” with his one.

On the flip side there is Prometheus, a beautifully mess of a movie. I plan on getting it on blu-ray, but like the last 2 Alien movies, it is both really good and bad. It’s disappointing that Ridley Scott couldn’t reach the heights he was going for (in my opinion but to each their own), but still managed to kickstart some interesting conversations and debates with his movie.

I disagree with Matthew Price about Cabin In the Woods not gaining anything from re-watching it. Mainly the last 3rd of the movie which is just so visually rich with so much happening on screen that it is hard to take it in all at once and each time I watch it, I pick up something that I missed previous times. I have a feeling that Cabin in the Woods will be the movie from 2012 that I re-watch the most further down the road.