Hey Man, Nice Shot (2012)

Thanks to Ryan McNeil and The Matinee for putting these images together and letting us just sit back in the third row and enjoy.

Sometimes, I think much of what a film wants to say can be embodied in a single image. Other times, I think random individual shots stick in our brain for reasons all our own.

Both of these ideas got me starting a little tradition here on The Matinee: a tradition of a post dedicated to my favorite shots of the year. The idea started back in 2010, and continued at the end of 2011.

While there were a few more that I just couldn’t source, below are some of the ones that stuck with me in 2012.















What did you think? Please leave comments with your thoughts on some of the best shots of 2012.
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Very cool.

I don’t know how you would select one shot from Prometheus (Or many of these movies). I like the shot of Noomi Rapace’s face lying in the medical bed with white light behind her, it reminded me a lot of Sigourney Weaver in Alien. It seemed both familiar and new to me at the same time.

Markus Krenn

Great, now i don’t get that Filter Song out of my head.

Ryan McNeil

Yeah – sorry about that. I name all my posts after songs, but totally forget the earworm factor.

Marina Antunes

VERY nice. A great collection of images from last year.