Filling the Holes in 2013 [Blindspotting]

Thanks so much to everyone who voted on the titles which will help me out in covering some serious cinephile blind spots in my viewing repertoire. Seriously, thank you!

As promised, I’m choosing the top ten vote-getters (plus two of my own choosing) and starting in January I’ll be watching and writing about them (in no particular order).

So here are the top ten films you guys voted on from the primary ballot in order of most votes to fewest. I’ll choose the two runner-ups at a later date:

# of votes     Title
22      The 400 Blows
21      Sunset Boulevard
20      Manhattan
17      His Girl Friday
16      Some Like it Hot
16      Bicycle Thieves
15      On the Waterfront
14      Mean Streets
13      The Last Picture Show
13      Rope


If you’re curious, out of the original 60 titles on the ballot, only four got no votes:
All the Right Moves
Pink Flamingos
The Towering Inferno

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  1. I absolutely love Bicycles Thieves and actually wrote an essay on the film for my Film History class in university. It was for the longest time planned to be my inaugural Criterion purchase (though now I’m waiting for the film’s inevitable blu-ray release).

    I’ve also seen 400 Blows and His Girl Friday.


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