New Zero Dark Thirty Trailer – In a week of bombastic trailers, Nothing Else Matters

No crazy montages, no driving rock score, instead opting for the elegiac choir version of a Metallica power ballad, this trailer opts to simply make a case for all the illegality and icky immoral actions of the American military apparatus as they aim to quash out the key symbolic villain of the twenty first century; the ultimate version of “the end justifies the means. Offering tidbits of Jessica Chastain in aviator shades, Jason Clark coldly laying out interrogation ground-rules and a tone expressing the anxieties of an organization neck deep in a quagmire resulting in too many dollars spent on too much murky information, I am certainly digging this phase of Katherine Bigelow’s career. Here she is channeling her usual onscreen machismo into confrontational, idea (and ideological) motion pictures. Zero Dark Thirty is easily my most anticipated film of the holiday season year (ever so slightly edging out the opposite in tone but also confrontational Django Unchained), and the film that Paul Greengrass’s Green Zone should have been..