Cinecast Episode 284 – Oddly Entertaining

Things just keep getting busier and busier for the podcasting crew this time of year. So busy in fact that we’re going to allow a one week extension on the two part homework this week. Instead of going through the submissions thus far, we do our own annual version of the awards circuit with a quick look at our top five female performances of the year. Kurt has a diverse Watch List this week that involves pre-Hobbit Hobbits, the style of Drive, vaginal discharge and Jerry Seinfeld. But before we can get to all the creamy insides, the real meat and bones of the show is an interesting discussion on the ins and outs of Leos Carax’ oddly told narrative, Holy Motors. Feel free to check out the video version of the show if you’re so inclined; otherwise sit back and enjoy the holiday weather with a healthy dose of Cinecast. Cheers!

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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Hosted by Andrew James, Kurt Halfyard, Matt Gamble and the occasional guest.


  1. So ten days after i send in my homework assignment you are telling me NOT to choose a western?
    Oh well, i guess there’s nothing i can do about it now.

    • We won’t dock you. It was something I had intended on on mentioning in the first place and totally forgot. If you feel the need, you can resend your homework with something else. No points off 🙂

  2. Brass Teapot is Juno Temple’s second starring role by my count.

    She was previously the lead in Dirty Girl, which I saw at TIFF about 2 years ago (the film had a limited release last year).

  3. @Kurt Christina Hendricks is Joan, that is the role she was born to play, that is where she belongs, if nothing else, she is awesome as Joan in Mad Men. Highly recommend you checking it out, isn’t it on Netflix?

    • Yeah it is now. I’d like to give Mad Men another try someday, but I couldn’t get past about the 3rd episode. And now there’s so much other stuff I want to dig into, it will be a while before I ever go back.

      • Yeah I get that, took me a couple seasons to fall in love with the show.

        Andrew, you should check out Homeland. That is a show that grabs you from episode one. Also, only 12 episodes per season so easier to digest. Apparently Zero Dark Thirty is supposed to feel like movie version of Homeland, and how they cut the opening credits of Homeland is reminiscent of Killing Them Softly… I consider it the brainier 24, with Claire Danes playing a pretty awesome character, to give Jack Bauer a run for his money.

        • Yeah I’ve read good things. I think the show actually won a few Emmy’s – including Claire Danes if I’m not mistaken. Or at least I know she was nominated.

          Thanks Rot, I’ll check it out.

          • Pretty sure she won. The thing with Claire Danes is, and this has been since My So-Called Life… she cries funny. She has this distorted cry-face and in most movies it seems awkward, although I guess as Angela Chase in MSCL that fits as a teenager… but here in Homeland, this role, it is perfect, because her character is totally unhinged. And when she really loses it, the distorted looks works to her advantage. All that said, the character is a fun one… if anyone has seen Fringe, it is like morphing Olivia Dunham and Walter Bishop together.

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