Holiday Giveaway from Row Three and Warner Bros.

Looking for that additional stocking stuffer for a loved one… or better yet, yourself? You may have just stumbled upon the right place. Courtesy of Warner Brothers, we’re giving away a Blu-Ray combo pack to one lucky reader of this post. All you’ve go to do to win is try one (or both if you want) of the trivia games below: Trivia Challenge or the Decode-a-Scene game. Both are pretty easy, but just share your results in the comments section below for your chance to win. One winner will be chosen at random and you will be sent (at our discretion) either the Magic Mike blu-ray pack or The Dark Knight Rises blu-ray combo pack. Both excellent films; both even more excellent on baby Blu.


  1. On the Trivia Challenge I got a “Wowza”

    On the Decode-A-Scene I shameful scored a “855″ . I was a little quick on the trigger for the Batman ones. Should have read the options more carefully.

  2. 930 on the guess a scene challenge!

  3. 585 on the guess a scene challenge… must try again!

  4. Got 750 on the guess a scene challenge. Mistook the Blade Runner one near the end to be the Batmohovercopter (?) from The Dark Knight Rises.

    And Wowza on the Trivia Challange

  5. Robert Reineke

    Got a Wowza on the Trivia Challenge. 645 on the decode a scene challenge (must be quicker on the buttons).

  6. Scores 690 & WOWZA!

    A couple of times with the scene decoded I had made my decision right away, but then took a bit longer to scan the buttons to see which one was my choice.

  7. “Magic Mike blu-ray pack or The Dark Knight Rises blu-ray combo pack”
    D’oh! No, Blade Runner blu-ray prize pack?

    I own the older crazy massive 5 DVD-in-a-suitcase from 2007 but haven’t gotten around to getting the new version on blu-ray.

  8. steve weber

    760 on the decode-a-movie game.

  9. i got a 750 and a wowza!

  10. 960 (on a second go – which is probably cheating :) ) and a Wowza.

  11. debbie jackson

    760 and a wowza debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  12. I got a You Suck.

  13. Holiday Movie Challenge results for me: WOWZA! That was impressive. Authentic Cinephiles like yourself are a rare breed — so wear the title with pride! Keep watching, and HAVE A MAGICAL HOLIDAY!

  14. My Holiday Movie Challenge results said, “BAH! HUMBUG! That was a good try — but a perfect score is well within reach! Don’t be an Ebenezer, try again and prove you are a true movie buff! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!”

  15. Congrats Daniel M. You win the prize pack!

    I’ll be contacting you shortly for your shipping info.

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