Cinecast Episode 284 (VIDEO)

Welcome to this episode of The (VIDEO) Cinecast! If we’re still live, feel free to click play on the below video to follow along with us in real time as we record; blunders, breaks and all. Shortly after the show has completed, there may be a short delay (of a few minutes to an hour) before the streaming and downloadable versions of the video will be available here. Look for the AUDIO only version of the show along with complete show notes in a later post (usually between 1 and 12 hours from the conclusion of the live feed). You can also find all previous episodes of The Cinecast in The Cinecast Archives.


To download the VIDEO VERSION (423 MB) of the show directly,
paste the following URL into your favorite downloader or right click and “save as…”:


…or you can check out the streaming YouTube version below:

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Mathieu Hotte



Holy Motors is such a mixed bag that I don’t know how anyone can either love it or hate it completely, but I was very underwhelmed overall. Large portions of it I actually found embarrassing, and the film’s sense of humour is terrible.
I liked parts, though: the accordion jam, the father-daughter conversation in the car, and other little bits here and there. But really, it’s no great shakes.

Andrew James

can’t believe I forgot to mention the Father/Daughter scene in the Cinecast. That’s actually one of my favorite moments of the film.