Teaser Trailer: Unforgiven (Japanese remake)

I love myself a good old-school samurai film (I even ranked ’em once). I also love westerns. Since these two have borrowed from each other for decades now (all right, mostly it was everyone else stealing from Kurosawa), it came as little surprise when it was announced a while back that Ken Watanabe was set to star in a samuraiized remake of Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven. As you may remember, Watanabe was in the Eastwood-directed Letters from Iwo Jima. This, of course, means nothing, but like the nonsense the football analysts on ESPN spew, some might find the loose connection interesting.

Still, despite loving samurai movies and westerns and Ken Watanabe, I quickly forgot about it – that is until today, when the Japanese teaser trailer for it began making its way around the internet. While it lacks subtitles so I do not understand the narration, I do understand the international language of beautiful filmmaking and badass samurai.

Director Sang-il Lee is probably best known for 2006’s Hula Girls. His remake of the Eastwood classic, according to Twitch, follows a man who is a “raditional thinker holding to his samurai code – despite the shifting standards of the late 1800s – who takes a job as a bounty killer.”

I’m digging what I see. How about you?

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