Beer and a Movie: Sexy Beast (2000)

Last night, I drank some beer and watched a movie. This is my experience, unedited, as it unfolded in real-time.

For this week’s Beer and a Movie, I’m starting off with Santa’s Private Reserve from Rogue Ales. It’s a malty double-hopped red ale with a puckering 65 IBU rating from its secret mixture of hops which includes Chinook and Centennial. In the past three years, it’s won two golds and a silver at the World Beer Championships. Hey, if it’s good enough for Santa, it’s good enough for me. The movie I’ll be watching tonight is Sexy Beast, which stars three of my favorites: Ray Winstone, Ben Kingsley and Ian McShane.

“Oh, yeah. Bloody hell. I’m sweating in here. Roasting. Boiling. Baking. Sweltering. It’s like a sauna. Furnace. You can fry an egg on my stomach. Ohh, who wouldn’t lap this up? It’s ridiculous. Tremendous. Fantastic. Fan-dabby-dozy-tastic.”

Initial thoughts: Can every movie start off with Ray Winstone in a speedo?

Subtitles are on, because sometimes I have difficulty understanding cockney accents. First time I watched Winstone in Gary Oldman’s Nil by Mouth, I was completely lost during half of the conversations and had to rewatch it with the subtitles.

This should be the DVD cover. Not even a title. Just this. Rentals and blind buys would be through the roof.

Ah, now Ben Kingsley is scantily clad. All is well in the world. New beer is the Lake Erie Monster by Great Lakes Brewery. It’s an imperial IPA with hints of citrus and pine and a whopping 9.10% ABV. This is not a beer for the faint of heart. It’s hoppy as hell and will knock you on the floor if you’re not prepared for it.

“She tried to stick her finger up my bum. What kind of girl does that?”

“What’s that?”
“A goat. They’re a fucking nuisance.”
“What’s it looking at me for?”

This movie really is Ben Kingsley at his finest (and its one of his four Oscar nominations). Equally hysterical and horrifying. Also, some spicy tuna sushi pairs well Lancaster’s Milk Stout, actually brewed with real milk. It’s like a delicious beer milkshake.

Ian McShane is awesome in just about everything. Why he doesn’t get more mainstream work is beyond me. Just look how nonchalant he is talking with guts and blood all over the cabinet behind him.

Overall, the movie gets an A+ from me. Part crime comedy, part thriller, part love story… the only underwhemling part is the heist itself, which I think would have been better left to our imaginations. There is a reason that Ray Winstone is one of my very favorite actors and Sexy Beast is one of those reasons.

The beers also all get A (seriously, I can’t feel my face) and the sushi gets a B+.

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Jonathan, this article is art-testosterone, kind of like Sexy Beast. You get an “A” for good pairings.