Friday One Sheet: OblivInception

Apparently Christopher Nolan’s influence has fully asserted itself in the blockbuster world judging by all the Star Trek, James Bond and other franchises seeming to shoot and market their films in this manner. Vide the new Tom Cruise sci-fi film Oblivion – a film whose first impression comes from this key art, I know nothing otherwise – and tell me you don’t immediately think of Inception. Based on this bit of advertising, I am not only not excited for the film, I am slightly embarrassed.


  1. I didn’t immediately think of Inception, but rather Prometheus. As it looks like Iceland meets sfx to make it look like another planet. Even the flying motorcycle device looks like something that Moebius would drew, which sums up the visual look of Prometheus.

    A quick google search shows that Oblivion was indeed filmed in Iceland, which I didn’t know when I first saw the poster. Note that I might make the Iceland connection quicker than most having visited there for a vacation this past summer. I wonder if that waterfall is 100% CGI/painting or if it is one of the many waterfalls I saw in Iceland and only the buildings in the landscape were added on.

    • It’s not an original science fiction but based off a sort of graphic novel that came out a year or two ago. I say sort of as I hear it’s somewhere between a comic and illustrated novel.

      Also it turns out that I was wrong about it being on another planet, it’s earth after an intergalactic war.

  2. In terms of Oblivion: good poster art is in no way indicative of a good movie. That being said, I think the poster art is good but not great. It does feel derivative.

    Tom Cruise for me is a turn off.


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