• Kids Talk Film #18: Life of Pi

    A number of people suggested that I take my children to Ang Lee’s Life of Pi as it was a discussion worthy ‘family film.’ While the raging tiger scenes scared my daughter off from going on this particular cinematic journey, my son, Willem had a few things to say about man eating islands, spirituality and religion as well as storytelling and suspension of disbelieve. This is a part of an ongoing series of short film discussion videos in which I take the kids to see stuff without the Pixar/Dreamworks/Disney label attached. Enjoy.

    Further Episodes (as well as the Studio Ghibli Marathon done for Twitchfilm.net) can be found at the Kids Talk Film Vimeo Channel.

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  1. Blanca Dirlari says:

    This website is awesome. I constantly come across something new & different right here. Thank you for that data.

  2. Nana and Poppa Halfyard says:

    We think it was a job well done my Willem and Daddy. Hugs

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