1. Sean Kelly says:

    That BlogTO link is actually a report of TIFF’s annual Canada’s Top Ten showcase. So, you might as well just link to the official page – http://www.tiff.net/topten

  2. Rot says:

    @Kurt. Now that Cosmopolis is one of Canadian Top Ten, guess Lightbox will show it and you will get another chance to see it. Recommend you do so. Film lingers in the mind.

    • Kurt says:

      Yup. I’m going to get on that for sure. It seems a fitting double-bill with HOLY MOTORS, or maybe I’m stretching…both the leads drive around in the back of a limo for the entire film.

    • Sean Kelly says:

      Even though it’s a very polarizing film, I personally loved COSMOPOLIS and it is very likely going to be in my top ten of the year.

      • Kurt Halfyard says:

        I can’t believe I didn’t see this in the cinema. I’ll probably see it at it’s CANADA’s TOP 10 presentation in a few weeks. I expect to like it. Never sure with the recent Cronenberg stuff though.

  3. rot says:

    Cahiers du Cinema has Coppola’s Twixt as their third best film of the year. I just caught the film this week, possibly the worst film I have seen this year. I can handle Tetro even though it didn’t entirely work for me, but Twixt is embarrassing. It looks awful, and as a gothic story I would take Coppola’s early Corman film The Terror over this any day. It is lazy, the ending is laughably written in haste with no logic to it. Can barely fill 80 minutes. Ugh. This guy directed The Conversation, what the fuck.

    • Marina says:

      The Cahiers list is pretentious as all hell. They usually have one, sometimes two movies on the list that are down right awful but have some great pedigree. I haven’t seen Twixt but 4:44, Cosmopolis and Tabu? YIKES. At least Tabu looks nice.

    • Kurt Halfyard says:

      Twixt is too much crazy fun to hate on. It’s not great cinema, but man, I had a good time with it.
      I agree THE CONVERSATION is in my top5 films of all time, so I hear what you are saying….but I enjoyed Twixt anyway.

      I missed 4:44 because it never played in Toronto. I should catch up with it on DVD at some point.

  4. Cody Lang says:

    I thought Cosmopolis, Tabu, and Oslo August 31 were easily the best films from 2012. I missed 4:44 but I believe it’s on Netflix so I can check it out soon.

  5. Sean Kelly says:

    I’m going to finalize my formal list at the end of the month, though I will say that I have an interesting choice currently earmarked as my top film of the year.

    In the mean time, here is an unranked list of ALL my favourite films of 2012: http://letterboxd.com/spkx/list/favourite-films-of-2012/

  6. Voncaster says:

    I haven’t seen all the films on these lists. But in my list Prometheus easily makes the top 10.

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