• Oh come one! Be careful what you wish for, Andrew James. I think it is terrible idea if they decide to take that path. I bet you were one of the people that were gushing over the fact that the prequels were the origin story of Darth Vader.

    • I don’t really want to see Khan as a character revisited. If they were going to go out of their way to make a ‘tangent universe’, at least do something original with it.

      • Pretty much every villain the Star Trek universe has come up with that does not directly tie in to their original counterpart has sucked. So yeah, bring back familiar faces. Hell, I’ve been screaming for years to see John DeLancie come back as Q. Instead they did the stupid Tom Hardy clone thing.

      • Star Trek Motion Picture: V-ger (meh)
        Star Trek II: Khan (awesome)
        Star Trek III: was it Klingons? Can’t remember this one but (meh)
        Star Trek IV: Not realy any villain (awesome)
        Star Trek V: God or some shit (stoopid)
        Star Trek VI: Traitor Klingon again (worked alright)

        TNG 1: Malcolm McDowell (meh)
        TNG 2: Borg (best one by far – after the whales)
        TNG 3: F Murray Abraham (crap)
        TNG 4: Tom Hardy (crap)

        JJ Abrams Star Trek: Eric Bana (meh)

        So the rule of thumb might break a bit, but yes, bring back familiar villains. They’re tried and true and always fun to see a new take on them. And yeah, watching Benedict Cumberbatch sleep is good enough for me. Actually, come to think of it, he might make a good “Q” as well.

        • Fightin’ words, Andrew.

          A) Tom Hardy was NOT crap. The script for the movie he was in was crap. If you watch Nemesis as though it were Shinzon’s tragedy rather than Picard’s heroic journey, it’s a way better movie.


          C) The borg one sucked

          D) But the main reason I’m writing this comment is: the whole Star Trek reboot stands on the edge of a knife at this point. The reboot was the easy part; coming up with a viable, expansive, ongoing universe is going to require a hell of a lot more creativity than just wiping the slate clean and then bringing in Khan. If the entire purpose of the rebooted Star Trek universe is just a “greatest hits” album, it’s going to be a vastly disappointing… er… enterprise.

    • Leaked, unleaked, leaked again; refuted, confuted, demolecularized in the transporter like in Star Trek 1.

      The Gary Mitchell thing is far from confirmed, though on basic terms I’d still assume he’s the guy. Which isn’t as wussy as doing Khan, but is still pretty wussy.

  1. Yeah, really dark & grim for a Star Trek poster (then again it is called “Into Darkness”) . Definitely a huge Christopher Nolan Batman influence here.

    Then they released a Man of Steal poster with Superman being lead away in chains which makes for quite the dark and off-brand set of posters today.

  2. Star trek isn’t the only one who’s got a new poster.

    By the way does anyone else think the guy in the star trek poster looks more like Joseph gordon levitt’s COBRA COMMANDER than anyone else?

    YO JOE

    • Hmmm… only for Dec. 14th and I have tickets for the Hobbit in IMAX on Dec. 15th.

      It would be cool to see, but at the same time watching the first 9 minutes of a movie 6 months before it comes out is likely to be annoying.

        • From what I read, similar to the preview for Avatar and Dark Knight Rises it was going to be a one day only thing. As 9 minutes is quite the chunk of movie to add onto the running time of a movie that is already almost 3 hours. Either theatres need to extend when movies are screening or cut back on trailers.

          • Phew. I should be OK. We saw AVATAR the weekend it opened and it had the DK preview. We’re going Saturday morning – it’s too far to drive to the local IMAX after work for a 3 hour movie.

          • That’s the same reason I’m seeing the Hobbit Saturday night, my wife can’t make it to the earlier showing and starting a 3 hour movie at around 10:30 pm is too late after a long week (sounding really quite old).

            That said, the Star Trek site that lists which theatres will be playing that 9 minute clip:
            Also it says “beginning December14th” which suggests it will be longer than just a day, but at the same time it won’t say when it will end.

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