New podcast! Introducing the Very Important Podcast on The Substream

Mamo and The Substream are proud to present our brand new podcast! As an offshoot of Matt Price’s series on The Substream, Very Important Dudes and Dudettes In Film History, Team Mamo and Team Substream have come together to make a fiendish podcast-baby.

We call it The Very Important! Podcast.

Our aim is to do these roughly monthly, with a panel discussion of the career, themes, and influences of one or more Very Important Dude or Dudette in Film History. We kick things off with the Wachowskis, co-directors of Cloud Atlas. Joining us on the panel this month is special guest star / Row Three podcasting guru Kurt Halfyard.

The podcast is being submitted to iTunes even as I write this, and in the meantime you can listen to the show over on The Substream.

Matt Brown
Matt Brown co-hosts the Mamo!, Super Zero, Get Your Cast To Mars, and My So-Cast Life podcasts, and has a weekly column at Screen Anarchy called Destroy All Monsters. Imagine Thor crossed with a 12-year-old girl.