Filling the Holes

This week I finally got around to watching Singin’ in the Rain. A classic movie that is one of those, “you’ve never seen THAT!?” titles. After finishing it, as delighted as I was with the film, I was more just pissed off at myself for not having watching much sooner! Well this sort of thing will not stand, man.

So I’m taking a page from The Matinee and have decided that I am going to fill a lot of longstanding (and deep) holes in my filmography; most (not all) of which are inexcusable as a film fan if I want to consider myself a cinephile. So throughout 2013, I will be filling said holes with celluloid (or the digital equivalent) one by one on a monthly basis. But I need your help.

Each month I’ll scratch off one of the movies on my list and mention it here in the third row with its own brief (or possibly lengthy) post. This will give everyone the opportunity to discuss my enjoyment or lack thereof of each title. I think it will definitely be more fun for me and you the readers if you’re involved with this. Or you can just lurk and laugh from the shadows.

So to prepare for this thing a month in advance and potentially make it even more interesting for visitors, I’ve put together a list of 80 titles that I’ve never seen and that I think (for the most part) are essential viewings in a person’s movie going repertoire. Take a second to look these titles over and then vote for the TEN you think I should watch.

I’ll cull the ten highest voted titles down and then pick an additional two of my own choosing. Then in no particular order, starting in January, I’ll view and write about each one on a monthly basis.

The full poll is under the seats, thanks for your help!

Andrew James
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