Cinecast Episode 282 (VIDEO)

Welcome to this episode of The Cinecast! The live show has now finished. Downloadable versions of the show are available here (Embedded Quicktime is tucked under the seat) as well the Youtube embed above. Previous live-shows can be found at the The Cinecast Archives.


To download the VIDEO VERSION (515 MB) of show directly,
paste the following URL into your favorite downloader or right click and “save as…”:




  1. WhoaH! this is just to much!

  2. I tried watching the stream, then fell victim to my ADHD once I found out they were also streaming the premiere of THE HOBBIT.

  3. I sit down for a hardy excretion and immediately Gamble’s face shows up. That seems appropriate.

    Will you guys be taking call-ins for a future live broadcast?

  4. Kurt Halfyard

    A big SHOUT OUT to After the Credits co-host, COLLEEN VINCE , who made and shipped me the wonderful (and super-geeky) RED-T that I’m wearing in the video.

    You cannot see it fully at any point due to the webcam angle, but here is the image.

    • I <3 my vinyl plotter. Now all memes that amuse me become a tshirt instantly… My shirt drawer is over flowing with Derby / Cthulhu / Film / Science based shirts.

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