Snitch [trailer]

Haters be damned. I love “The Rock.” I like everything I’ve ever seen him in. Well, except Faster. That things was quite a bit slower… and dumber. But yeah, even the kids’ stuff I think he works well in. So I’m in for The Snitch.

Plus it’s been a while since I’m seen a good Barry Pepper film. Also starring is Susan Sarandon, Jon Bernthal (“The Walking Dead”), Harold Perrineau and Benjamin Bratt. Who’s with me… fellas?

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David Brook

I’m a bit of a ‘The Rock’ fan too. This looks like it might take itself a bit seriously for a cheesy action movie, but at the same time, a bit of class might push it above some of his less successful efforts. At least he seems to be steering away from those Disney ‘comedies’ now.


I’ve gone on record as saying that ‘The Rundown’ is one of the most enjoyable action movies I’ve seen in a while. If The Rock made more movies like that, I’d be fine with it.


I liked Walking Tall more than I probably should have.

John Allison

I keep giving away copies of THE RUNDOWN at Dark Bridges as prizes because the movie is just that much fun. Count me in on this one.