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Seems like only yesterday we got our first glimpse at the shiny trailer for Ang Lee’s Life of Pi; but in actuality it was almost four months ago. How time flies. Anyway, despite this looking a bit more like a Zhang Yimou film than an Ang Lee film, we’re pretty big Lee fans in this row of the cinema.

So as if to try and reinforce the influence, the studio has gotten us a whole bunch of new still to gawk at.

[nggallery id=1]

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  1. I am going to watch this film in 3D. If I do not like the 3D experience, I will give up on the technology (in its current iteration).

  2. Life of Pi: Disney + Existentialism + Awesome CGI
    Holy Shit! It is a really good film. It is not a perfect film: it is too on the nose; a few lines in the ending are a bit too much; and Rafe Spall is terrible.

    If Pixar did this film in animated form it would be regarded as their most edgy film.

  3. I am curious to hear/read Matt Brown’s thoughts on this film. It is pro-religious, but It is also a pro-humanist film.

  4. I’m seeing this on Wednesday.

  5. I may get to this, I may not. Today’s screenhop schedule doesn’t quite fit it in. After Silver Linings Playbook, Red Dawn it is. :D

  6. The 3D is pretty cool. Lee even changes aspect ratios to enhance the 3D. I

  7. Delete


    So, I just saw the movie and I have a few things to say:
    - The film did not need to be 3D and the film is half over before the majority of the 3D effects occur. Definitely NOT the next Avatar.

    - I interpreted the main message of the film to be that religious people choose to believe in God, despite the fact that atheists seem to have the more rational viewpoint.

    This message is demonstrated early on with Pi’s experimentation with different religions and his atheist father’s disapproval. It then comes back towards the end of the film when Pi tells the “true” story of what happened on the boat and people ending up preferring the more unbelievable version.

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