1. Schizopolis says:

    The sound quality from Halfyard’s mic has lots of static and buzz. Is it like this throughout the podcast??

    • Andrew James says:

      He got a new mic and we were having trouble calibrating it. It gets better later in the show. Then it gets worse. Then it gets better again. Next week we’ll have it worked out… I hope.

  2. Robert Reineke says:

    I’m surprised nobody submitted Downhill Racer as homework. That’s worth a shout out.

  3. Gord says:

    I agree with pretty much all of Matt and Kurt nitpicks, yet for some reason i really loved the movie.

  4. Rick Vance says:

    So I nailed down my main problem with Skyfall falling flat. M as a character in all the Bond’s I have seen was only ever more than set decoration in Tomorrow Never Dies and that wasn’t even that good.

    So when this movie wants me to give a shit about Judi Dench someone who for me is incredibly grating the movie stops working.

    And yeah thinking about it filling a ‘prologue’ with references to a storied past is really weird messaging as is benching the only female in the movie who isn’t murdered to a Secretary role.


  5. Andrew James says:

    When Jewel of the Nile was made:
    Kathleen Turner = 31
    Michael Douglas = 41
    Danny DeVito = 41

    Anne Hathaway = 30
    Jeremy Renner = 41
    Eddie Marian = 41

    Boom. So if age is your major requirement when making a movie (which is ridiculous) what’s the problem here?

    Obviously you can’t hire Vanessa Hudgens or some teenager without it just becoming a Disney film. But these days, if you’re worried about a couple of years difference, you’re casting your movie completely wrong.

  6. Matt Gamble says:

    Turner was born with a Scotch and a cigarette in her hand. She is, and always has been a woman. Hathaway plays wide-eyed girls. It’d be like casting Melissa McCarthy as the lead in a Roseanne movie. It doesn’t matter if their ages match, the kind of characters they play are tonally incredibly different, and for a Romancing the Stone/Jewel of the Nile movie, Hathaway would be a shitty choice. Just because she makes you want to rub one out doesn’t mean she should be cast in whatever movie you want to see remade.

    It should be more like Tina Fey/Matthew McConaughey/Jackie Earle Haley.

    • Rick Vance says:

      You can’t have a midlife crisis until you actually look like you have reached midlife.

      You and Kurt made a ton of sense in those closing minutes.

    • Andrew James says:

      So now all of a sudden when the age thing doesn’t work anymore, you have to change your argument. I see how you play this game Matt Gamble. But I’m not really interested in a typical romantic comedy. Some light humor of course, but Fey/McCconaughey is too goofy for my taste. If I wanted that, I would get Butler/Heigel. I do like the Haley idea though. Getting even further onto an interesting track, Louie CK in the Danny DeVito role might be fun.

      As for Turner having a certain look, in Stone and Nile she was a shifty, sexy, damsel in distress. I don’t know where you’re getting the Scotch and cigarette thing from. I guess if the voice is really important for this movie then yes. But for that particular character, there are many many women that would fit the bill. Since Renner would be fucking PERFECT for the role, I could see the chemistry between him and Hathaway really working.

      • Nat Almirall says:

        Gotta go with Gamble on this one. I think there is a cast out there, but it ain’t Anne Hathaway.

        And the more I think about it, the more it seems like Love and Other Drugs was Romancing the Stone without any of the fun or clever dialogue, and that movie sucked, one the reasons being that Anne Hathaway seemed way too immature for the character she was playing.

        Turner had that maturity, and even when she’s playing a fop she oozes sophistication, like a Veronica Lake or a Rita Hayworth. You’re trying to make the case for a Doris Day.

        If you want to go young, Emma Stone would be a better choice. For the record, I see Tilda Swinton, Aaron Eckhart, and Brian Cox.

        • Matt Gamble says:

          Anne Hathaway is cursed with something most actresses in Hollywood would kill for, she’ll be able to play a 20 something probably into her 40′s. The Doris Day comparison is spot on.

          Stone could probably pull it off but I really think Joan Wilder should be played by someone older who can actually pull off the sophistication and weathered feel that accompanies the part. There are just a ton of actresses that could probably run wild with the part. Swinton is good, Emily Mortimer, Naomi Watts, Parker Posey, Rachel Weisz, Toni Collette, Jennifer Connelly, Amy Ryan, Diane Kruger, Kate Winslet, Kelly Macdonald, Kristen Wiig, Lena Heady and so on and so forth.

          If you want to stick strictly to the age 30 part then I’ll take Rebecca Hall over Anne Hathaway and not even think twice about it.

          Or we can go for the unknown who becomes a breakout star because of the role like Turner and put me down for Lake Bell or maybe Andrea Savage.

          Or just give me Jody Hill’s remake and have it star Lizzy Caplan / Adam Scott / Danny Mcbride and I’ll be quite happy too.

          • Andrew James says:

            Rebecca Hall

            This would be awesome. But, yeah as I said, I don’t think the character is all that complicated; there are tons of actresses that could easily make it happen. Are there better choices than Hathaway? Certainly. I just don’t think it’s that far off base. She could fill the role perfectly fine – certainly better than Stone. Who is basically a teenager.

            • Nat Almirall says:

              I can’t buy Hathaway as someone who’s ever smoked; I can buy Stone as someone who’s given a blowjob for a cigarette then threatened to put it out in their eye if they told.

            • Kurt says:

              Christina Hendricks / Nathan Fillion? I’d buy that for a dollar. (And a Firefly reunion to boot!)

          • schizopolis says:

            Adam Scott in the Michael Douglas role or the Kathleen Turner role??

  7. Sean Kelly says:

    When it comes to new releases this week, I’m more likely going to check out Holy Motors than Lincoln. I’m also planning to (finally) watch Argo.

  8. Sean Kelly says:

    It’s sort of funny that I got House of the Devil (which I ordered a few weeks ago off Amazon) in the mail today and, literally minutes later, I reach the point in the podcast where you discuss the film in relation to The Innkeepers.

    • Kurt says:

      I hope there were no spoilers in there…Enjoy HotD, it’s really, really good.

      • Sean Kelly says:

        I did absolutely love the film’s 1970s aesthetic, but I do sort of see what you mean about the climax.

        I would also say that the biggest shock for me actually happened at the end of the first act (you could probably guess what it was).

  9. Matt Brown says:

    THAT is how you title a motherfucking podcast, fellas.

  10. Gil says:

    Andrew James, I never realized there was a playlist option available on youjizz. Thank you for the information. Thank you! :’)

  11. Cody Lang says:

    I agree with Kurt on Munich. One of Spielberg’s better films.

    • Gil says:

      I agree as well. My favorite part is when the team is getting to know each other and Ciarán Hinds is asked what he does, “I worry.”

      • Kurt says:

        The scene where Ciarán Hinds explains his thoughts on potential double crosses to Eric Bana (and nearly causes his head to explode with paranoia) is also one of the highlights of the film.

        • Gil says:

          Kurt, how come you didn’t bring up the muzzle flashes in the sex scene? I agree the flashbacks in dreams were horrible, but that sex scene was overkill.

          • Kurt says:

            I didn’t like the idea of flashing back to the rest of the Olympics after that stage was perfectly set in the opening scenes of the film, in fact they could have edited the film to have the entire hostage-drama portion before the credits, the flip over to Avner and company and not keep coming back to it. Filmmakers should trust their audience more.

            So yea, the flashbacks and the Kaminski cinematography are really my only nit-picks with what is possibly Spielberg’s best “HISTORICAL OSCAR DRAMA” film – this list would include Lincoln, Amistad, War Horse, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, and Empire of the Sun — the latter of which is, I suppose but haven’t seen it in years, a close second.

            I have no idea where/how to file Always and A Color Purple and Catch Me If You Can, but I don’t believe they are in the same headspace. That being said, CMiYC is one of my favourite Spielberg’s to watch over and over again….

  12. Kurt Halfyard says:

    Title was quite apropos of the episode being the very last one that Andrew & I (and Matt) used SKYPE for, after switching to Google Hangouts.

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