Mark Cousins’ Film Festival Manifesto

It seems that this past September, Mark Cousins, creator of The Story of Film: An Odyssey, published an intriguing manifesto calling for a re-evaluation of values and aims among the film festival programmers of the world that is just beginning to emerge within the online film community (I only discovered it this past week courtesy of MUBI’s Notebook). You can view and save it in .PDF form here; I for one, as someone who loves to attend and cover film festivals when I can, am definitely in support of this document’s spirit of adventure and call for positive change in the rather insular world of film festivals. Whenever I go to a film festival, it’s not just the films that draw me in, but also all the other delights that that specific experience can offer. Thus, I am all for the inclusiveness, creativity, sense of identity, and close-knit, communal vibe that make film festivals so special and that Cousins is beseeching fest organizers to not lose sight of.

How about everyone else – thoughts?

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Jeremy Wilker (@TWEAK)

love it! perhaps why Flyway is so satisfying and exciting?!

Matt Brown

I love everything he says. It would never, ever, ever work, but I love what he says.


I SO want to help Mark C by telling him to see a voice coach. His narration, with his constant upward inflection @ the end of his sentences makes it hard to believe him. It’s as if everything he says is a question. I hope he gets help for this, as more people could STAND to listen to him? You see my point? I KNOW he’s not a “Valley Girl.” He just SOUNDS like one.

Sean Kelly

He’s Irish, get over it!

Matt Brown

You cray cray. I could listen to Mark Cousins read a book about the phone book.