Flyway Pubcast #7 – Matt and Kim Garland [Vivienne Again]

The final film in the brilliant block of shorts at Flyway Film Festival last weekend was Vivienne Again. It was the perfect end to the block, being close to Halloween, as this one deals with the resurrection of the dead. As creepy as that sounds (and for an instant it is), Vivienne Again is actually an exercise in relationships and communication. And to prove the short is as interesting and intriguing as it sounds, the film won the Kickstarter Jury Award here at Flyway. You can check out the beginnings of their next project, Deal Travis In, on Facebook. And don’t tell anyone, but you’ll hear it here first; the possibility of a future collaboration with Gary King and co. Ssshh.

To listen, hit the play button on the player above or grab the raw .mp3:



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