My Love for Film in a Snapshot #19

Don’t you just love a film that can be simultaneously grotesque and boldly beautiful? Bong Joon-ho’s masterful Memories of Murder is one such film, telling the brutal true story of the investigation of Korea’s first reported serial murders. I recently rewatched the film after some years and was blown away once more.

The above image is taken from the opening scene in which the incomparable Song Kang-ho (also the star of Bong’s monster hit The Host), playing weary but determined detective Park, arrives in the middle of a starkly-coloured field to investigate a body that’s been dumped there. The little boy proceeds to repeat everything he says in that annoying way some kids do, offsetting the brutality of the battered body lying under the concrete the boy is hunched on. Go home, kid. Those who have seen the film (and if you haven’t I urge you to ASAP) will know how it echoes the haunting conclusion.

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Well said, Ross. MoM is indeed the best 21st century South Korean Film, in my opinion.


Although Kim Kim-Duk’s 3-Iron comes a close second!


I prefer 3-Iron to Memoirs of Murder. They are both great films — but I just find 3-iron to be more groundbreaking/original than Memoirs of Murder.

David Brook

Agreed. I must get around to 3-Iron at some point.