Please Help “How to Write a Joe Schermann Song” Win a Gotham Award

It’s no secret that here in the third row we’re big fans of indie filmmaker Gary King. One of things we like about King’s pictures are that he’s not afraid to take chances and try new things. His latest film, How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song is a musical dramedy; and in the world of film today, it certainly can be said that this is a risky choice. But per usual, Gary and his fantastic cast and crew were really able to pull it together. In fact, it’s pulled together so well that it’s made it to the short list for an IFP Gotham Audience Choice Award!

While the possibility of an actual nomination for a Gotham Award is pretty exciting, the film is going to need your help to get there. I don’t have my personal review for the film posted quite yet, but trust me when I say the film is worth supporting (trailer). It’s been taking home awards left and right from various festivals and in fact just took home the award for Best Director at Flyway Film Festival (where I am right now as I type this out).

So please take just a moment or two to poke this link with your digital arrow and place your vote. You get five votes total if you’ve got personal investment in any of the other films, but please vote for Joe Schermann as at least one of your five choices (you can only vote for one if you choose). Up against higher profile films like Silver Lining Playbook and Beasts of the Southern Wild, it’s going to need everyone’s help to (deservedly) stand above the rest.

The 5 nominees will be chosen from your votes and will be invited to attend the Gotham Awards where the winner will be announced live. The second round of voting will begin on November 5th, 2012 and will feature the top 5 films from round one. The winner of the Audience Award, powered by Festival Genius will be announced at the 22nd Gotham Independent Film Awards on November 26th, 2012.