Mamo #276: The Podcast Show

Stick us in your ear! In today’s Very Special Blossom episode of Mamo, we step off our beaten path and tell you what we’ve been listening to, podcast-wise, as the no-longer-nascent art form continues to evolve around us.

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Mr. Price, instead of “How Did this Get Made”, for the same idea try out Filmjitsu. At the end of each episode they select the film the other person has to watch. And unlike “How…”, it’s not sloppy. Sadly the show is now defunct but it was one of my favorite podcasts at the time.

Matthew Price

Our first ever show posted from Iceland. Cool.


Would have to say my favorite podcast is Film Junk, especially since they added Frank into the mix. Over the years I have listened to a lot of podcasts, as I have a lot of time at work to do so. Podcasts that aspire for a high polish don’t do it for me, much prefer the verite – so the shooting the shit that is Mamo, R3 Cinecast and Film Junk are my preferences.

Also just starting to get into Director’s Club podcast which I enjoy even if I find myself perpetually 180 degrees of the opinions of Patrick.

Another one is Q&A, although I really dislike the interviewer. He gets some great guests, the Tarantino/Richard Kelly one or the cast of Aliens reminiscing are incredible.


“Podcasts that aspire for a high polish don’t do it for me, much prefer the verite”
I completely agree…this is what prevents /filmcast from becoming a great podcast.

My Favorites Film Related Podcasts:
Greatest Movie Ever Podcast: This is a great podcast for analysing shitty, genre films.

Now Playing Podcast: They specialize in analyzing film series. Its a great podcast. Analyzing films from a fanboy perspective

The LAMBcast: This podcast likes to constantly mix it up both with the format and guest hosts.

Battleship Pretension: They specialize in focusing on a specific topic/theme for each podcast.

More Than One Lesson: Analyzing films from a Christian perspective.

Radio Dearfilm: The best new, film podcast.

The Futile Podcast: The second best, new film podcast

Fxguide: the vfx show: A podcast dedicated to analyzing special effects.

Reasonable Discussions: The AvClub podcast. A bit too formal for my taste.

Slate Spoilers Specials: Dana Stevens fully analyzing a film.

Mark Kermode: He is great personality.

FilmJunk: The addition of Frank takes this podcast to legendary level.

/Filmcast: It is still a solid podcast.

Movie Chat: Erik D. Davis very informal podcast.

The Matinee Cast: A solid podcast.

Cinecast: A legendary podcast.

MAMO: It does what it does well.

After Credits: A solid podcast

Director’s Club Podcast: A love the format.

Movie Club Podcast: A love the format.

Where the Long Tail Ends: A love the format.

KCRW’s The Treatm: Elvis Mitchel is very controversial personality, but I dig his interview style.

Nat Almirall

I go FilmJunk, its subsidiaries, Where the Long Tail Ends, and Cinecast regularly; Demented Podcast, Down in Front, and Director’s Club frequently. Left-Field Cinema used to be very good, but I believe it’s defunct now.

Outside of that Penn’s Sunday School is good at times — it gave me a whole new appreciation for Gilbert Gottfried, but it’s not as good as his daily podcast from 2006-7 — and EconTalk is always interesting.

Used to listen to Kevin Smith’s stuff, but lost interest after a while, same for Adam Carolla, who seemed to be looking for rants to go on just to go on. Tried Doug Loves Movies and while the Leonard Maltin Game can be fun to listen to, I don’t think of it as a film podcast.

Andrew James

Yeah I’ve listened to many many podcasts over the years and the one I have never left (and almost never miss) is FilmJunk. I still like Kermode too.

But lately I’ve been listening to some web design podcasts and several tech casts (This Week in Tech, All About Android and This Week in Google, engadget, etc.)


Aside from obvious ones like FilmJunk and the R3 crews

Locally I always hit the Matinee and Corey Atad’s new show. Ryan has a new guest every time which keeps it fresh and probably easier to keep going. Atad makes one when he feels like it, few bells and whistles, the conversations are just good and very very long and focused on one film. Would also endorse See You Next Wednesday, but I will miss some episodes.

Other podcasts:
WTF with Marc Maron – to me becoming more and more like it’s the New York Times of podcasts. The standard bearer, THE podcast of podcasts out there.

Gelmania – comedy podcast, much like Pod F Tompkast which I also listen to, it’s like it’s own variety show, weird and bizarre conversations and diversions, hosted by Brett Gelman (you might recognize him in bit parts of comedies). Gets kinda dark and disturbing. I think he’s interviewed himself more than once, and one time it ended up with him fucking himself. He puts a lot of time into the early episodes.

Pod F Tompkast – Paul F Tompkins is the best adlibber out there, period, so funny and confident. His Chick Fil A episode, a one-off unlike his other episodes, for me is the final word on the whole thing.

Extra Hot Great – Now defunct. Started by some people formerly of the Niagara Region, they are people in the entertainment industry. Their movie reviews usually suck and they have terrible taste, however their TV reviews are awesome and they have amazing Games at the end of the show that run around 20 minutes. Towards the end of their run when they went to record they also recorded 5 ‘mini’ episodes of 3-4 minutes which would be put up daily, so they really had their hooks in when they were on. I miss it.

Occasionally I’ll grab a Director’s Club, Filmrot (I come and go listening, it’s just more than I can handle per episode most of the time), Filmspotting, and /Filmcast. The latter two… I am so glad Matty Ballgame is gone from Filmspotting because he had the biggest chip on his shoulder. I also can’t listen to them too often because I like looser shows and both of them for my taste are too polished, pitchcorrected and inspected.

The Atheist Experience – this is the podcast for us heathen jerks. It’s actually a call in show based out of Austin Texas that they put up as mp3’s every week. The hosts are… much more heavily invested into atheism than the common atheist, and thus may scare off some, however if you just like listening to religious arguments and are especially interested in debate techniques, fallacies, and details, they are very very knowledgeable. Because it’s Texas and call-in it inevitably gets Christianity focused but they will have episodes based around Taoism, Scientology, whatever. They get big time apologists come in who they’ll talk to for a long time mixed in with absolute nutjobs who see Jesus in their toast. There’s a number of atheist podcasts out there. A number are overly pompous or repetitive, but this one’s call-in aspect keeps it as fresh as it can possibly be.

You Made It Weird – Pete Holmes basically copied WTF with Marc Maron’s format. He’s not nearly as good but he does a reasonable approximation. Worth a occasional visit.

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks – This podcast is awesome. Michael Ian Black (Stella, The State, various TV shows) and his friend literally review a common snack, but it’s really a jumping off point for them to riff on each other and anything. This show started off kinda ‘eh’ but as time has gone on it’s become one I look forward to.


Also on occasion, solely based on guests, I’ll grab an episode of Doug Loves Movies, Comedy Bang Bang, Nerdist. Matt P. is right that some of these shows don’t inherently work. But if Patton Oswalt or John Mulaney is on Nerdist, or they get someone nobody else can land, like Will Ferrell or Tim and Eric (who never podcast) then I’ll definitely grab.

I used to be way into Doug Loves Movies but have started to really hate it. The game they play is getting old and Doug barely ever seems to see movies anymore, and the ones he does see, he almost never likes, so it’s frustrating sitting through the lowest level thoughtless reviews. The show is more accurately titled “Doug Is A Lazy Stoner Who is No Longer Invested in His Podcast But Can’t Do Anything Else and Has Funny Friends So Here’s A Show”


I don’t get the hate for The Nerdist. Chris Hardwick is a bit overbearing and I’d only say about half of their shows are entertaining, but yes, when they get guests like Patton Oswalt, John Lithgow, Bryan Cranston, Henry Rollins, Bobcat Goldthwait, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Aaron Paul, etc. etc. they’ve been some awesome conversations. The recent Tom Hanks and Larry King episodes were pretty awesome. I guess I get why Chris turns people off, but I enjoy their style mostly.

Otherwise, I do like WTF. I listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk, which is always fascinating. A bunch of history and political podcasts. And of course it doesn’t completely count as a podcast, but it doesn’t get much better than This American Life.


Neil deGrasse– I don’t like this bloke. He is too nice. I prefer Michio Kaku.


Since when is too nice a bad thing? He’s definitely more Mr. Rodgers than Sid Vicious, but he’s so damn eloquent. He’s an incredible communicator and advocate for science and does a damn good job of speaking plainly for us layfolk. He is, more or less, our era’s Carl Sagan.

Also, come on… the answer he gives for “the most astounding fact”:


My favorite non-film related podcasts:

The Library Police: The best podcast about literature.

Anime World Order: The best podcast dedicated to old anime.

Slate Culture Gabfest: They are very fucking pretentious, but are still listenable (well, most of the time).

Fast Karate for The Gentleman: They are great only when they talk about literature and food.

Handel on Demand: Bill Handel is the best mainstream radio host in USA.

In Our Time with Melvyn B.: The best intellectual podcast. It is a BBC production.

Thinking Allowded: Another great, intellectual podcast.

Great Lives: The best biography podcast.

The Big Ideas podcast: Examines academic personalities.

Football Weekly: My favorite footie podcast.

This Week in Tech: John C. Dvorak rules!

Science Fantastic with Michio Kaku: He is way bettern Neil D. Tyson.

Science Talk: A solid science podcast.

Science Weekly: A solid science podcast.

Tech Weekly: My favorite Tech podcast.

Philosophy Bites: The best philosophy podcast


I tried to listen to /filmcast and Now Playing but both have the same issue for me, the hosts are fucking annoying. Now Playing sounds like a bunch of 14 yr Dungeons and Dragons kids reviewing movies.


That is why I love Now Playing Podcast. They are tolerable fanboys. They are not the Alex Billington/Harry Knowles types.


The most overrated podcasts:

No Agenda Podcast: Adam Curry ruins this podcast

Filmspotting: boring.

CriterionCast: Their dowload times take forever. They also tend to plagiarize comments.

Slate Political Podcast: Fuck this podcast

Totally Rad Show: Alex ruins this podcast.

Ifanboy: Their dislike of The Cure and manga is troublesome. Too, superhero orientated.


Funny that you mention Filmspotting. I used to love that show and now can’t stand it.

I can’t seem to find a lot of time for many podcasts anymore but when I listen, I have a few faves including the R3 shows, Film Junk and the Slate Spoilers. I have a crush on Dana Stevens just from her voice.


Dana Stevens is great. It is Stephen Metcalf that almost ruins the other Slate podcasts.

Andrew James

Do those douches from The Film Talk still beg for 1000s of dollars so they can afford to keep talking about movies?


I much prefer Filmjunk’s/Now Playing Podcast’s strategy of releasing premium podcasts.


And speaking of tech podcasts, Molly Wood is the worst.

Robert Reineke

I’ve got a soft spot for the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast. Selected well done readings from his stories plus analysis, generally done with a sense of humor. And no fear of calling out some of his lesser works. With a bonus of full readings.

They’ve moved behind the pay curtain now that they’ve finished with Lovecraft’s fiction, covering other supernatural fiction like Arthur Machen, but there’s a ton of material on Lovecraft and it’s good stuff.

Sean Kelly

I’ve been listening to podcasts on and off over the years. I started listing to MAMO, Matinee Cast, Cinecast, and Film Junk (in that order) over the last year.

The longest accumulative podcast I’ve listened is probably tech expert Leo Laporte’s Tech Guy podcast, which is a recording of Laporte’s weekly radio show. I also subscribe to Laporte’s roundtable show This Week in Tech.

I subscribe to a number of Kevin Smith’s podcasts, including Smodcast, Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, and Hollywood Babble On.

I think that’s it for the main ones I listen to.


So many great podcasts, so little time. I’m glad that I can hook my iPhone up to my car stereo and listen to it at the gym… although I STILL find I have more podcasts to listen to than time to listen to them.

Sean Kelly

Since many of the podcasts I listen to are 2+ hours, there are many episodes that I miss, due to lack of time.

Sean Kelly

Though I do have to say those long podcasts make the 3 hour drive to my family’s cottage go by quick.


Personal podcast list, some mentioned before, some not: All things on the Row Three feed, Film Junk: love it. Battleship Pretension is good for the niche topics, for example “favourite trailers” recently was a lot of fun.
The Auteur cast is good for a huge injection of casts on a directors filmography, usually only posting a few days between movies.

I also catch IGN Keepin it Reel, who quick fire through film news but also do next weekend box office guesses each ep.

From the archives the podcast i miss: Scene Unseen. Their guest episode on GI Joe, fantastic.


Antho mentioned a literature podcast, interested to hear of more of these, particularly writers talking about craft.


I’ve searched in the past and haven’t found much. There’s the Reading and Writing Podcast, which has decent author interviews and The Library Police, which is simply two people talking about books. I enjoy both.


Not enough time right now to list my favorites. But a quick thought: The worlds of MAMO and Film Junk should collide at some point, with Kurt serving as the one bridging the gap. Could be amazing.

Cody Lang

Two great podcasts. One is now defunct, The Hollywood Saloon. One of the guys from the Saloon started a new podcast called The Hollywood Gauntlet. Great stuff, but not your typical weekly show. They do topics like film makers, movie marketing, dvd commentaries, shows on film books, another show on great directors student films, and much much more. Everyone should check these two shows out.

David Brook

I don’t listen to enough anymore – I don’t do any commuting (it takes me 10 minutes to walk to work) which doesn’t help. Those that I used to listen to and still do occasionally when I’ve got time are Film Junk (& Game Junk), Where the Long Tail Ends, the Movie Club Podcast and of course the Cinecast. I’ve recently given the Matineecast a couple of listens and it sounds very good – I like the guest co-host idea, it keeps things fresh.

I host my own podcast over at Blueprint: Review if anyone has noticed πŸ™‚

It’s not particularly slick (we don’t have enough mics to go round and they’re film/video mics not radio-quality ones), but due to most of us recording in the same room I like to think it has a natural and informal quality. I guess us fitting with UK release dates would put off many of you US/Canadian listeners though.

If anyone has listened, feedback is always appreciated, even negative.

Jandy Hardesty

I’m a bad podcast listener, so even the ones I like I tend not to keep up with very well. The Cinecast and the Matineecast are the only “new release review” podcast I listen to with any regularity at all – no offense to the people who do those, but it’s just not a format I particularly care for. I try FilmJunk every now and then, but I can rarely stand to listen to both Cinecast and Filmjunk because the formats are so similar and especially if they’re discussing the same movie, it’s just too much about the same thing for me, and Cinecast takes precedence. I did enjoy GameJunk the times I checked that out.

Probably the one I come back to most often lately is the Demented Podcast, because I like their genre-based double-feature format, and I like playing along with the trivia game they do every episode. Kind of along the same lines, I listen to the LAMBcast depending on the topic of the episode – I usually listen to the Lambpardy ones, again, because I like trivia.

I like Director’s Club and Reel Insight, going through director’s and actor’s filmographies respectively, though I pick and choose which ones to listen to depending on who’s being discussed.

I like Mamo because it’s short and topic-driven, and Battleship Pretension when I remember it exists also because I like the topics.

Now unfortunately defunct (and with far too few episodes recorded), The Cinementals filled a classic movie gap that I’ve had a real hard time find replacements for – if anyone knows any good classic movie podcasts (other than TCM’s video podcast and the Warner Archive podcast; I already know about those, but they’re not quite the conversational audio format I’m looking for), please please let me know.

In non-film podcasts, I enjoy the occasional Thrilling Adventure Hour entry (old radio-style shows put on by a troupe of LA actors and comedians, often with fancy guest stars like Nathan Fillion or Alison Brie) and Stuff You Missed in History Class.

Dave Nandes

This is what I could remember off the top of my head. I don’t listen to any movie podcasts besides Mamo. The Matt’s have ruined me.


Adam Carolla – Daily – 1hr+
My comedic guilty pleasure

Ace On The House – Weekly – 1hr+
Home improvement call-in show (Carolla)

Fitzdog Radio – Semi Weekly – 45-1hr+
Comic Greg Fitzsimmons – Interviews & Solo shows

Monday Morning Podcast (Bill Burr) – 1hr+
Solo shows, Bill ranting

The Smartest Man in the World (Greg Proops) – 1hr+
Greg infront of an audience, news stories, ranting, etc

WTF – 1hr+
Discussed on Mamo

Scott Sigler Audiobooks Weekly (+ additional stuff on Fridays) – 45ish
Horror/Thriller/Sci-fi author who podcasts all of his books. Fucking love this guy. I own everyhting he’s ever published.

The Nerdist – Semi Weekly – 1hr+
Dissagree with the Mamites on this one, fucking love these guys

Atheism / Skepticism / Freethought

Atheist Experience – Weekly – 1hr+
Audio from cable access call-in show (Atheist Community of Austin)

The Non Prophets – Weekly – 1hr+
Round table show (Atheist Community of Austin)

Godless Bitches – Weekly – 1hr+
Atheism meets feminism (Atheist Community of Austin)

Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe – Weekly – 1hr+
The granddaddy of skeptical podcasts. Panel show with Science news, interviews and other segments

Point of Inquiry – Weekly – 30-45 minutes
Interviews by rotating host – guest are mostly authors of sciencey books

Skeptoid – Weekly – 10-15 minutes
Short shows on skeptical topics

Penn’s Sunday School
Picks up where Penn Radio left off


Hardcore History (Dan Carlin) – Infrequent – Long
Awesome history show

Intelligence Squared Debates (NPR) – Monthly? – 1hr+
Oxford style debating on topical subjects

Freakanomics – Can’t remember frequency – mix of short & long shows


Common Sense (Dan Carlin) – 2-3 times per month – 1hr+
Highly recommend this for anyone who’s interested in politics


I used to listen to Corolla religiously back when in 08 and the start of his podcast, but between the occupy stuff and the ‘women aren’t funny’ stuff and getting sick of his phrases like ‘half a fag’, I abandoned him and haven’t gone back. At least there’s still his movie ” The Hammer” which is actually decent, and he had the best parts of Crank Yankers.


Yeah, I can’t stand Corolla. Not that he doesn’t have his moments, but overall, his idiocy has just turned me off over the years.

Jamie M

Long time listener, first time caller… Enjoyed the show.

Have to disagree with@mattmovies regarding Nerdist argument. Not with not liking, but that they are not good interviewers and you can just hear the same people interviewed on other shows and that will be the same but better. I have heard the same folks interviewed by hardwick, maron, baldwin etc on their respective shows and they were all different due to the different relationships and styles each has with the guest. Nerdist attempts to have a conversation with their guests rather than a Larry King style interview – sometimes that works great and others not so great. Go listen to the Tom Hanks or Neil Patrick Harris episodes as examples of it working. Personally I enjoy nerdist more often than I don’t.

Baldwin is great, although a little back slappy. Maron gets great interviews but has some sort of stand up chip on his shoulder. Comedy Bang Bang… Hmmm. Maybe I’m just not North American enough to appreciate it.

Thanks for taking my call…


I’m with you. As I said above, I’m not sure why it’s become such a trend to trash the Nerdist podcast. That Tom Hanks episode was unbelievably great listening.

Jamie M

Agreed – Will struggle to find a more engaging “conversation” than that one


Speaking of great interviewers, David Poland should turn his D30 video interviews into a podcast.


Between Lucas Films being sold to Disney and a new Iron Man trailer I think it’s time for MAMO to assemble.


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