Mamo #275: The “Death” of the “Moviestar”

Taken a look at the Hollywood moviestar lately? Some might argue that the star system is dead, but don’t tell Liam Neeson – he’ll prove you wrong and kick your ass. Plus, we talk about Matt’s James Bond series, From A to Bond – already in progress on The Substream! – and heap praise on Shorts That Are Not Pants.

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James McNally

Praise-heaping is nice, but how ’bout a link? 😉

Bob Turnbull

Link added…Wish I could’ve made it (I think I know half the people in that audience picture at the link).

Sean Patrick Kelly

M Night Shyamalan might make the mainstream cringe, but I’m sure he still has a core group of supporters. I’m not the only one am I?

Plus, AFTER EARTH is Shyamalan’s first film that he hasn’t written (though you can also count the underrated DEVIL, for which Shyamalan only has producer and story credit).

Speaking of films that begin with “After” and segueing into the discussion of Liam Neeson’s current career trajectory, where do you thing AFTER.LIFE fits into things (you know the horror film with Neeson and a dead Christina Ricci)?

Andrew James

I would say Pitt and Clooney are two more exceptions to the “rule.” Especially the latter.