Mamo #274: The “Death” of “Film”

You can’t leave these hacks alone for a second – hacks like David Denby, Andrew O’Hehir and David Thomson, all of whom have taken it upon themselves to pronounce the death of quality cinema in the past month, and all of whom seem to think they’re the first ones to write this latest iteration of the tired old “blockbusters bad, art cinema good” argument. Mamo comes to you live from the new home of the Silver Snail in Toronto to tell the dogs to get the hell off our lawn, and to talk Avengers, Lincoln, Looper, and the future of film.

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Matthew Fabb

Link for Shorts That Are Not Pants:
Which I hope to attend myself, not just for Matthew Brown’s movie, but because lately I’ve come to realize how much fun collection of short films are and I don’t see enough of them.

James McNally

Matthew, hope to see you at our screening! You can get advance tickets for just $8 here:


Piracy might not be bad for art that has low production cost (i.e., novels and comics), but I think it could be bad in the future for high production artworks (i.e., films and expensive TV shows).

Maybe I am cynical, but I do believe that once the theaters go away, film is going to be the next Vaudaville. Piracy is going to become easier and easier, and unlike video games (i.e., online play), there is little incentive for people to pay for film downloads/streaming. It will impossible to recoup the cost of films with the budget of 30 million or higher.

My hope is that with the fast technological breakthroughs in digital filmaking, future low budget films can look as good or better than current day blockbusters. If not, we still have over 100 years of film history, and I hope, also a new, visual, narrative based medium.

Dave Nandes

Got my ticket for STANP. Not sure if I’ll actually make it or not, but I bought one anyways.


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Andrew James

Do those douches from The Film Talk still beg for 1000s of dollars so they can afford to keep talking about movies?