Gambit Trailer

I want to yell at the people on youtube who are complaining that a movie called Gambit isn’t about the X-men character but that is a side note. What is more important is to let you know you should watch the trailer for the remake of the 1966 Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine comedy. First off the trailer is pretty fun but more importantly it is penned by the Coen Brothers. It was set for release in just under two weeks on October 12th but has now been pushed back into early 2013.

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Kurt Halfyard

Hard to pin down comedies from their trailers. The cast is excellent (Alan Rickman!), and the Coen’s do like their own brand of pratfall-humour, albeit they translate it different onscreen than is shown here.

I’d watch this and hope for some Duplicity / A Fish Called Wanda kind of awesomeness, albeit that’s a fair bit of expectations a director that went from SOAPDISH (excellent!) to THE LAST STATION (un-interested…) in 20 years.

Sean Patrick Kelly

It’s interesting that the trailer is hiding the fact that the film is directed by Michael Hoffman (One Fine Day, Midsummer’s Night Dream, The Last Station) and NOT the Coens.

David Brook

Cameron Diaz looks like she could be a weak link in this, but we’ll see. Might be fun.