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Did you catch Tim Burton’s latest freak fest? Do you want to (again)? Just drop a note in the comment section – preferably something discussion worthy – and we’ll pick a winner from the responses at random and send out a brand new Blu-ray of Dark Shadows starring Johnny Depp, Eva Green, Jonny Lee Miller, Helena Bonham-Carter, Chloe Moretz and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Responses must be received by October 16th. And feel free to play around with the widget below.

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    • So did I 🙂 I guess that puts us on an even playing field. Like I said, this film was a bit misunderstood (like it’s two principal characters). Burton has a knack for this kind of thing, though.

      Another stand-out scene that I also loved was when Barnabas thinks that the McDonald’s sign is the devil 😀

  1. I personally didn’t mind it, although it is Tim Burton’s weakest film since ‘Ed Wood’, I thought it trumped the source material, which seems to have been elevated in the minds of many due to the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia…
    Dark Shadows was a slightly amusing soap opera, and the writing and plotlines reflected that. A guilty pleasure, to be sure, but a classic that has been tarnished by this update? Not so much.

  2. I was looking forward to seeing the movie in a theater, but got busy with moving and missed it. So, I can’t wait to get the Blu-Ray.

  3. One of my favorite scenes in Dark Shadows was the intro, when Victoria Winters is riding the train to Collinsport. The cinematography, the season in which the scene takes place, her voice-over narration, and “Nights In White Satin” by the Moody Blues playing in the background all gave the intro a very melancholy, yet hopeful feel- a feeling that set the tone for the film.

    I personally loved Dark Shadows. It had that quirky soap opera feel, but it was so wonderfully different from the show. I think it’s one of Burton’s best films yet! One of the reasons why critics didn’t appreciate it is because they were expecting this to be some sort of re-make of the show, which is the opposite of what Burton and Depp wanted to create. And much like it’s two principal characters (Victoria and Barnabas), the film is a bit misunderstood.

    What is your guys’ favorite scenes from the film? How did you react to it?

    • I completely agree with you about the introduction. I thought it was sad what happened to Victoria. Great thing Barnabas was there for her.

      That is why I love Tim Burton’s work. You know you can be strange, yet still be human in the end.

      • Yes! That is why I think Tim Burton and Johnny Depp always work so perfectly together! They give us characters that are too strange for the world they inhabit, but they show that they are human beings too. Plus they’re not afraid to be crazy and strange.

        Like the tagline for Dark Shadows says: strange is relative 😀 I bet it was Tim who came up with that one.

  4. I am a big fan of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton’s work! My favorite collaboration is Edward Scissorhands. I thought it was a very beautiful film, with equally beautiful and memorable music.


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