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I just stumbled across this web site today called (via Tom Hanx). Am I the last person to know about this site or is this a fairly new thing? Why haven’t I heard about it before? Anyone know anything about this service or find it interesting/fun/legit?

If you’re not aware, it’s basically Pinterest for celebrities. Famous people have a profile and they post stuff about themselves and their life (e.g. home videos, pics or writings about daily activities, travels, etc.). I’ve played with it for about 5 minutes and feel like it might be fun to lurk for a while.

Any thoughts?


  1. I stumbled on it a while ago with Neil Gaiman who I follow online. I haven’t really looked into who else uses it and figure I might want to stop even following Neil Gaiman as most of his photos I’ve seen posted on his Tumbler or blog.

  2. Marina Antunes

    There’s an hour of my time I’ll never get back.

    That said, goodness Shakira is amazingly gorgeous.

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